15 Italian Restaurants to Check Out in London

Italian food in london

London is well known for its Michelin Star cuisine. From the energetic yet elegant Chinese restaurants of Soho’s Chinatown to the bustling curry houses of Brick Lane, London really does have a belly full of unique cuisines. It’s not surprising when you look at the fact that the city has one of the highest populations of none British born citizens in the country, and naturally, they want to share their great food with the beige and roast obsessed Brits!

One cuisine which always comes out as an all-round people pleaser is Italian cuisine. We’re not talking about your local Pizza takeaway here, we’re talking about fully authentic Italian food which of course can include pizza as well. Below, you can find a lowdown of some of the best Italian restaurants in the city, giving Hyde Park Hotel London guests a range of restaurants to check out.


Based in Peckham, Artusi is as delicious as a local Italian Restaurant can get. With delicate pasta dishes and a sleek yet intimate interior, Artusi is a must for visitors to South East London who want to enjoy their Italian cuisine through high quality, great value market-led menus.

Arthur Hoopers

It’s no wonder that Arthur Hoopers have such mouthwatering menus. The gorgeous Borough Market based repurposed greengrocer is an intimate mix of pappardelle ragu, Italian cheeses and fine wines. With one of the best wholesale food markets right on its doorstep, these meals come fresh and vibrant.

Via Emilia

This Hoxton Italian gem is at the forefront of regional pasta dishes. With a focus on the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, Via Emilia is a gnocchi soaked restaurant that stands out in the hip East London area. Whilst small in size, this restaurant makes up for it with its wealth of high quality \nd lovingly crafted pasta dishes.


Latteria is a must for guests at the Grande Royale London Hyde Park who are looking for a hearty sit down meal in Islington. If you’re wandering streets of classy North London, this restaurant will stand out with its punchy red exterior. The cafe turned restaurant is inspired by a Milanese tradition of crispy Roman pizzas and deluxe risotto.


Whilst the restaurant is owned by French restaurant group Big Mamma, the food and the staff itself are authentically Italian. Based in Covent Garden, this one’s easy to reach for guests at any one of The Shaftesbury Hotels who like their lasagnas stacked high and their restaurant interiors lavish. With cheese wheels and Borollo Wine compatible food menus, this one wins on returnability alone.


With a new restaurant in Shoreditch, Cecconi’s is paving the way to become one of the most sought after Italian restaurants in London. With atmospherically dim lighting and a unique menu of Italian delicacies, this is a hot spot for the bright young things of Shoreditch and provides hearty Italian menus that are perfect for a romantic evening out.


Named after the owner’s mother in law, Margot is a Covent Garden based Italian restaurant that is bursting to the seams with high Italian cuisine and gorgeous coffees. Based in the heart of the city, Margot may be quirky in name, but it definitely lives up to the hype.

Villa di Geggiano

The Villa Di Geggiano is a West London jewel on the restaurant scene. Housed in the leafy suburbs of Chiswick, guests staying in family rooms in London’s Western boroughs can enjoy delicate olive tree fronted culinary goodness. With a lineage of some of the best red wines in the world, this Chianti inspired Italian joint is right at home in the Chiswick area.


Another must for West Londoners is Chucs in Notting Hill. This unique Italian restaurant from the fashion brand of the same name can be found in Mayfair, Harrods and the Serpentine Lake too, making it one of the most trendy and high profile Italian restaurants in the city.


Mora is based on George Street and is housed in a converted pub. With a more Mediterranean feel than purely Italian, this restaurant serves beef that’s also ordered in by Buckingham Palace itself. With a Victorian and Edwardian feel to spruce up the vibes, this is an ornate restaurant in style, but forward-thinking in its innovative menus.


Stecca is another Italian restaurant that brings in some of the best in the west. Based in Earls Court, Stecca is a unique attribute and gloriously spacious eatery, bringing in simple staples from the heart of Italy.


Drawing us back to the exquisite eats of the city, Roma is a nuanced love song to the food of ancient Rome. With its interior fit for an emperor, the food brings in huge portions of hay smoked meats, all from the golden velvet banquettes. Based within the ancient Fenchurch area of London, this is a must for social occasions and the hungry Italian lover.

River Cafe

A famous Michelin starred restaurant on the banks of the West London section of the Thames, the River Cafe is a provenance led Italian eatery that serves lunch and dinner menus you’ll want to scream across the shores about. With a focus on a variety of Italian regions, the River Cafe is also home to some of the highest quality Italian wine in the city.

Plough Way Cafe

The Plough way Cafe brings in some of the best brunches in the city, whilst also bringing in a dinner menu that remains firmly within the realms of Italian provinces. The quirky pasta types and the Milanese chicken dishes are must try’s, all based within the industrial and up and coming Surrey Quays areas of London.


With its focus on small plates, the Popolo is a fusion of several restauranteurs who have combined forces to bring this tapas-style sharing restaurant. Full to the brim with beautiful delicacies, Shoreditch has never tasted this good. Whether you’re on the lookout for luscious clams or a grilled bavette, there’s plenty here to excite the senses and awaken your Italian loving tastebuds.