London Tour

West London has always been a hotbed for tourism. In part it comes down to the grand nature of the architecture and the classy locals, but the consumer experiences available in Notting Hill are second to none as well. Bring into the mix the fascinating history of the West London, with many of the most famous Londoners living or having lived in this centuries old borough, and you have yourself a must-visit area of the UK Capital. If you’re staying at the Shaftesbury Premier Hotel London Paddington then your work has been cut out for you; you’ll be based only a stones throw from some of the most exciting areas of West London. Below are some of our top tourist picks for a visit to West London’s most exclusive borough.

Get made in Chelsea

If it wasn’t there already, the internationally renowned and ultra trendy Made In Chelsea has definitely put West London on the map. On the reality TV show,we follow a whole host of the young elite from Chelsea during their day to day lives as they peruse the classy food joints of West London and party it up London style. There are a whole host of great restaurants and cafes dotted around West London which you can visit which were made famous by the show. These include the exquisite Blue Bird Cafe and the sumptuous Love Bakery who make handcrafted cakes and pastries.

Beautiful parks of West London

Whether your rambling in Richmond or strolling through Chelsea, there are a surprising number of green spaces dotted around London. This is due to the history of the area, royals through the ages creating hunting and public parks throughout West London.

Richmond Park is one of the largest parks in London, spanning a hefty 9.5 kilometres, whilst also being one of the best spaces for deer spotting. For a little rest and respite, check out the Isabella Plantation, a wildflower conservation area tucked away in the depths of the deer filled woodland.

Green Park is one of the best central green areas in London. Overlooking Buckingham Palace, there is plenty of space for picnics and sightseeing, with St James Park just across the road also offering beautiful ponds and relaxed cafes.

Take a stroll through Little Venice

If you’re staying in a Notting Hill Hotel and looking for a way to kill an hour, take a walk down to the canals of Little Venice. Located just behind Paddington, Little Venice is a canal system streaming off from the Paddington basin, a network of riverside cafes and bars as well as beautiful barges that even house theatres. The canal system offers a relaxing walk through West London, a retreat from the busy high street for those looking for a calmer side of the city.

Chelsea is ideal for embassy spotting

Chelsea is home to many international embassies, housed within the grand white town houses of Chelsea. Taking a stroll down any street in the Chelsea area will take you past some of the most important buildings in the world. With so much history behind these stately houses already, it’s worth seeking them out just for the sheer beauty and grandeur of them. Take a walk through Chelsea and tick off the embassies from your list!