5 Free Exhibitions To See At The British Museum

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One really great thing about the museums in London is that most of them are free to enter and though admission to some of the internal exhibitions will usually require a ticket purchase, there are still many exhibitions that won’t cost you a penny. The British Museum hosts a number of free exhibitions throughout the year which tend to vary in focus on different eras, styles and types of art.

British Museum

If you’re staying with us at the Park Grand London Kensington soon, here are our recommended five free exhibitions to check out at the British Museum during your stay.

Places of Mind: British Watercolour Landscapes 1850 – 1950

Until 27th August 2017

With such a vast collection of artworks to choose from, the British Museum is able to put on a range of different art exhibitions throughout the year. If you are staying at the Park Grand London Kensington, this free show is well worth a look. The Places of Mind exhibition is the first exhibition to be devoted to landscape artworks by British artists in both the Victorian and modern eras. This combination means the exhibition represents two very different centuries and is a fascinating work of contrasts as a result. Visitors can look at the different techniques used by artists, along with the styles and materials of choice.

There are approximately 125 works on show in this exhibition, half of which have not been shown before. This is a rare opportunity for art fans to see something new. Works by James McNeil Whistler, John Singer Sargent, Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland are all included, plus many more.

Where The Thunderbird Lives: Cultural Resilience on the Northwest Coast of North America

Until 27th August 2017

Where The Thunderbird Lives explores and explains some of the rich cultural heritage of Northwest Coast Peoples through various objects spanning thousands of years. The Northwest Coast Peoples inhabit areas across the Alaska, British Columbia and Washington coastline, creating an interesting range of impressive carvings and carefully hand woven items. The exhibition focuses on the meaningful stories and varied histories of the works of art.

Politics and Paradise: Indian Popular Prints from the Moscatelli Gift

Until 3rd September 2017

The collection on display in this particular exhibition is part of a larger group of printed Indian imagery generously donated to the museum, and it really shows off examples of some great works. India has been producing exquisite prints using a variety of skills and techniques since the 1800s and despite being widely distributed and cheaply made, very few have sadly survived. This display now highlights them and many of the prints depict political and religious subjects through the decades making this a timeline of materials. The exhibition focuses on the popular print culture of India, which was prevalent from the 1880s to the 1950s. We highly recommen you check out this unique collection during your stay at the Park Grand London Kensington if you’re fascinated by the Indian culture and printed art.

There are always free exhibitions held at The British Museum throughout the year, so be sure to keep up to date with what’s on either when planning your visit or during your stay in London.