6 fun things you can do in London for FREE


London is (in)famously expensive for residents and visitors alike, which gives pause to many people who come to this amazing town for the first time.

While this reputation may be well-deserved, there are still plenty of amazing experiences you can have in London without having to spend a penny. In fact, for budget-conscious visitors, it might make more sense to book a well-situated hotel such as Park Grand London Paddington and organise your time around free attractions as opposed to saving on accommodation just to spend all that money on admission tickets to overcrowded venues.

Really, any of the hotels in Oxford Street London will put you in a great spot to gain quick access to all the most famous sights! Wherever you decide to stay, here is a list of ideas for exploring London with an empty wallet, purse, or pocket:

Explore the South Bank on foot

cruise along the River Thames

The area next to the River Thames is very popular with tourists due to its scenic beauty and old-school charm.

There are a lot of picturesque attractions in this part of the town, including the London Dungeon, London Eye, as well as The Queen’s Walk promenade. If you are looking for entertainment, South Bank is the place to go, especially during warmer months.

Visit the British Museum

british museum in night

Established in 1753, this museum hosts a collection of more than 8 million works from all around the world. Since this is a public institution sponsored by the government, admission is free of charge, except for rare visiting exhibitions.

What better way to learn about Britain’s past than by spending an afternoon inspecting the vast treasures kept in the British Museum?

Take selfies with dinosaurs in the Crystal Palace Park

Another public attraction in downtown London with a rich tradition, Crystal Palace Park is a great place to visit while trawling the city on a budget.

It’s a former Victorian pleasure ground that features some unique art – most notably life-sized statues of dinosaurs made by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins that will look just fantastic in your photos.

Relax in Kensington Gardens

Kensington Garden Bayswater London
Kensington Garden

If you are staying in Shaftesbury Metropolis London or another nearby venue, one of the most tranquil places in London is just a short walk away. In Kensington Gardens, you will be able to block out all the urban noise and relax surrounded by serene nature.

Watch Changing of the Queen’s Guard ceremony

Changing of the guard Buckingham Palace

The Royal family is the most visible symbol of British tradition and many visitors to London are enchanted by the lore surrounding it.

Changing of the Guard ceremony, which takes place four times per week in front of the Buckingham Palace and includes troops dressed in iconic bearskin caps, is perhaps the most visually attractive way to catch a glimpse of that old monarchic glory.

Climb to the top of Parliament Hill

London is too large to visit every part of it, so the best way to grasp its magnitude is to find a spot with a beautiful panoramic view.

While rooftop bars and restaurants are great vantage points, you can get the same view for free if you just walk up Parliament Hill, located in the northeast part of the town.

From here, you can look at the amazing skyline with both Houses of Parliament prominently featured.