8 Best Business Travel Tips

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When you’re travelling for business, you want to make sure you’re at your very best, whether that’s looking the part, knowing your stuff, having an easy journey and ensuring you’re in tip-top health for all your meetings or conferences. A large part of any business trip is making sure that you can get everywhere you need to go so you’re on time for all the stuff you need to do. This is particularly important when you’re on a corporate trip to a big city, as it can be difficult to get around if you haven’t been there before or when it’s rush hour. What you want to do is make sure that your journey – when you’re in the airport and such – to your destination is as painless as possible.

Apart from the issue of travelling around and making sure you can find your hotel and meeting places, journeying to London for business isn’t that different from going to any other place for corporate purposes.

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We’ve pulled together a list of ten tips you should keep in mind when you’re taking a flight to London for business; some of them will keep you healthy and others are just common sense.

Here are the 8 Business Travel Tips for Easier Business Trips

1. Keep Germs at Bay

If you’re coming into London on an aeroplane, you should remember that they’re prone to be full of bacteria and viruses, and if you’re on a long flight the air conditioning circulates this.

To keep the germs at bay, bring a bottle of hand sanitiser and make sure you’re hydrated with lots of water.

2. Keep the Noise Out

You need peace and quiet when you’re travelling for business, but you don’t need expensive headphones to keep out the noise.

Buy soft foam disposable earplugs – they’re cheaper, easy to replace and you’ll be able to sleep comfortably with them if you’re on a long flight.

3. Eat Well

When it comes to eating in airports, it can be difficult because the food usually isn’t of great quality and it’s expensive. Have a look at where the airport staff are eating and follow their lead.

4. Clean the Folding Tray

The folding tray on the seat in front is rarely cleaned, so it’s likely to be full of germs at worst, and at best lots of food debris. Bring antibacterial wipes and clean it down before you use it again.

5. Keep Connected

It’s important when you’re on a business trip to keep connected to your contacts and of course to the internet. Bring a wireless USB modem that uses any phone signal, so you can use it everywhere.

6. Go Through Security Quickly and Easily

Try to get into a premier line – it’ll be so much quicker. Also, also when you show your ID and boarding pass, ask the agent which line they think will move the fastest.

7. Take Steps to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag can make a business trip really difficult, so you should trick your body into not being affected by resetting your watch when you’re on the plane, sleeping only when it’s night at your destination and eating less than half of any food you’re offered on the plane.

8. Buy a Local Paper

One of the first things you should do is buy, read and carry a local paper – it makes you look like you’re from the area. This will make you look less conspicuous, which is a good thing because it keeps you safe from pickpockets and the likes.

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