A Date in Little Venice

little venice

If you’ve managed to get away from it all to take your partner away for a long weekend, you might want to mark the occasion by going out for a special date. London always has plenty of sights to offer, but if you’re in the mood for a little more romance you might want to head to the section of London known as Little Venice.

Your partner may suspect something is amiss when you tell them you’re taking them to Venice and then turn up at the Shaftesbury Premier London Piccadilly, but they’re guaranteed to forgive you—especially as the London Piccadilly hotels are close to some of the best things to do in the capital city.



Little Venice isn’t short of incredible restaurants. Depending if you and your partner want the classic romance of Italian cuisine, a twist on Persian, or to look out over the canals as you dine, Little Venice can absolutely deliver. Gusto REMO, Kateh, and The Bridge House are all close. If you prefer a daytime date, The Waterside Café is a cosy twist for afternoon tea, as it’s floating on the water.

If you feel like a restaurant would be too formal, why not pack a gourmet picnic? You can pick royal garden party fares like cucumber sandwiches or the best champagne you can find, and find a secluded spot in Regent’s Park to enjoy it. Opening and closing times change with the summer, so be sure to check what time it shuts so you don’t get locked in away from your luxurious room at the Shaftesbury Premier London Piccadilly.


Regent's canal, Little Venice in London-UK

Depending if your romantic interest is a poet at heart, you can dazzle them by showing them Browning’s Pool—named after the author and poet Robert Browning. Although it might be too dark to read from his works, you’ll still be able to soak up the atmosphere in the heart of Little Venice. Locals call it the lagoon.

Riding on the water is one of the most romantic things to do, so why not take in a tour of Little Venice’s enviable surroundings? Jason’s Trip canal boat rides navigate along Regent’s Canal from the sleepy, picturesque Little Venice, through the royal Regent’s Park, onto the buzzing Camden Lock, and then back again. The boat you travel on is over 100 years old and steeped in history, having been stationed on the canal since the 50s.

If you’d prefer to keep your partner all to yourself, stroll hand-in-hand down the canal walk of Regent’s canal. It’s calm and not busy at all, though if you stop opposite London Zoo you may hear some earthy animal sounds. Just a stone’s throw from the busy streets of London’s centre, you can rediscover peace and quiet and feel like the only ones in the world. Take as long as you want to stroll along the towpath, and see some incredible parts of London that would normally be hidden away from the average tourist.


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