A Day at Sea Life London

Sea life Lodon

Visiting London as a family group? There’s a huge range of attractions available in our capital city that will keep both you and your children more than entertained during your stay. If you’re visiting for a birthday weekend then a trip to the magical Shrek’s Adventure is a must, while Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland makes for a stunning Christmas experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Another place to visit if you’re staying at the Park Grand London Hyde Park as a family is Sea Life London. As well as being great fun thanks to the plethora of amazing animals to marvel at, Sea Life London also has the extra benefit of being an educational venue where your children can learn all about the different species and conservation methods used across the world. Read on for an in-depth description of some of the best parts of this aquatic adventure.

Feeding frenzy!

One of the best things about Sea Life London is that you get to see the staff feed the huge range of animals during different times of the day. The standout feeding spectacle here is, as you’d imagine, the sharks. Seeing the huge Sand Tiger Sharks and smaller Nurse and Black Tip Reef Sharks feeding is a truly mesmerizing sight, and you can even feed them yourselves by booking the special VIP Feed The Sharks experience. Just be careful not to put your hand in too far when feeding; we’re sure you want to make it back your room at our budget hotels in London in one piece!

Sand tiger shark

Ocean Invaders

New to 2017 is the amazing Ocean Invaders attraction, which is the largest jellyfish experience in the UK. Ocean invaders has three zones; zone one will take you and your family through five clear stages of evolution, with each different stage illustrated by the different jellyfish and near-microscopic creatures made viewable by special prism views. After this you’ll understand the good and bad things about these alien-like creatures, such as the power of their sting and how they manage to swarm the oceans in zone two. In zone three, you’re greeted by a jellyfish surprise with a host of different species to behold, rounding off a truly immersive sea life experience.


Rainforests of the World

Another brilliant draw at Sea Life London is its Rainforests of the World zone. This breath-taking walk through contains different animals to the rest of the park, with enclosures and tanks which are home to a vast variety of creatures from lush, tropical rainforests thousands of miles away. Some of these are the stuff of legend; the infamous red-bellied piranhas are renowned across the world for being able to strip flesh from bone in seconds, and you’ll be similarly amazed at the dinosaur-like Cuban crocodiles lurking in the exhibit too. Even the smaller animals are deadly; the brightly-coloured poison dart frogs you’ll find inside Rainforests of the World can secrete enough poison through their skin to kill twenty people!