A Short London Travel Checklist

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There are lots of things that you should do when you’re in London, far too many to mention in one short article, but there are so many things to discover in this amazing city.

However, there is an entire checklist of things that you should take care of before you even get to the city and that includes your travel itinerary. Getting around London is something that you need to get ahead of because there are lots of different ways to get from A to B in the city, but you’re going to have to make a successful journey to get there in the first place.

London Travel Checklist

Whether you’re going to London by train, bus or on a plane, there’s are a few things you should remember to make sure your trip is as smooth and easy as possible.

When it comes to getting around London, our knowledgeable and helpful staff at The Shaftesbury’s Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel will be more than happy to help you, but we have some tips for you now to help you get to London safely.

Here is the Handy London Travel Checklist

      • Print out your itinerary details

If you’re flying to London then make sure that you print out your eticket and your entire itinerary so you’re as organised as possible in case of flight changes.

      • Plan your stay

As we said, there are a whole host of things for you to do and see in London and the different options can be a bit overwhelming.

To make it easier, take advantage of pre-planned city guides for London so you can explore London attractions before you get to the city.


    • Accommodation

Before you book somewhere make sure that you check out all the different reviews of hotels in the city and look at the proximity each of them have to the attractions you want to visit.

    • Get travel insurance

If you’re not from the UK, you should absolutely make sure that you have travel insurance in case you hurt yourself or break a bone, because this can be really costly if you don’t have the proper cover.

    • Finances

Ensure that you have the best case scenario for your finances when you’re on holiday, including travel credit cards and enough cash to cover your tips and situations when there aren’t any card machines. Don’t forget to separate out your money, just in case you lose your wallet, you don’t want all of it to be in the one place.

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