An Insider’s Guide To Pimlico

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If you haven’t been to London before or you’re not familiar with all the different areas of the city, you may not have a great knowledge of Pimlico. Pimlico is not mentioned as often as the areas that surround it, but it has a lot to offer and a host of things to see and do. The n eighbourhood is also in a great location and is popular with Londoners who want to eat and drink without venturing into the more touristy areas of the city.

While Pimlico doesn’t count any of the top London attractions such as Big Ben or the Tower of London within its streets, it still has much to recommend it and it’s worth checking out this neighbourhood if you have a few hours to spare or want a quiet drink or nice meal.

If you’re staying in the Park Grand London Kensington, you’re sure to appreciate that the area is one of the nicest in London’s and this is why our London budget hotels nearby are so popular. Pimlico is a similar sort of area; it’s affluent, high end but extremely welcoming to tourists and visitors.

About Pimlico

Pimlico is a residential area in the central part of London, in the City of Westminster. It is surrounded by Belgravia, Westminster and is just across the River Thames from Battersea. It is known for its impressive architecture and beautiful garden squares. In fact, many of the houses in Pimlico are the classic London grand terraced house design you see in images on screen and in print. Pimlico does have its own London Underground station, making the transport links great, though many people do choose to travel into the nearby Victoria Station where there is a better variety of train and Tube options available.

Pimlico has a lot of Grade II listed buildings and a number of Grade II listed churches, so it’s definitely not short on history and architecture. However, despite the affluent neighbourhood there are a lot of London budget hotels in the surrounding areas and the Park Grand London Kensington isn’t too far away either. So, if you’re not wanting to stay in Pimlico itself, that’s not a problem.

Things To Do

Though Pimlico itself isn’t bursting with tourist attractions and things to do, there’s a lot to see nearby. Tate Britain, the Saatchi Gallery and many of London’s top museums are close. As are Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and St. James’ Park.

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If you’re heading to London and are looking to see some of London’s grander residential areas, Pimlico is a great area to add to your list. Plus, as it’s not too far away from many of the top tourist attractions so it’s easy to incorporate into the end of a day after ticking other things off your bucket list. For more information on things to do and see in Pimlico speak to a member of the team at the Park Grand London Kensington, we’re more than happy to help and can give you a series of insider recommendations for pubs, bars and restaurants.