Art Deco And The Style That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

London’s architecture

London’s architecture is immensely varied, made up of a multitude of different styles and trends that been in vogue and then fallen out of favour over the years; some styles still work well today while others really echo their traditional roots. However, one style that never goes out of fashion is art deco. From many of our beautiful Shaftesbury hotels, guests will be able to see examples of art deco abounding just a few steps from our front door – including in some cases, the front door itself! Whether you are an art fan in search of new inspiration or simply want to experience a specific part of London’s architectural style, art deco is a cool, accessible and modern place to start.

As a genre, art deco was largely popular in the 1920s and 1930s across Europe, having made its way across the continent from its origins in France. It is characterised by straight lines, angular designs, geometric shapes and bold colours. Though throughout London it is seen in architecture, the art deco trend itself was also seen in household items and myriad other products at the height of its popularity.

Examples of art deco in London

There are lots of examples of art deco to be sen in London and the buildings are often surrounded by others that are of a completely different style; not only does this help the art deco architecture to stand out, but it also highlights that London accumulated its buildings over a long period of time. Some of the most obvious examples of art deco buildings and features in London include:

Southgate Station: Southgate Station was designed by Charles Holden, a famous art deco architect. Its futuristic vibes and circular shape make it one of the most interesting of all of the London Underground stations. The building was listed as a Grade II building in 2009, ensuring its protected status. Many of the original interior decorations still remain so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you pass through on the Tube.

Battersea Power Station: Battersea Power Station is an unmissable building as it stands out in stark contrast among its neighbouring structures. Built around 1930, it is now a Grade II listed building. Much of the art deco style can be seen inside.

OXO Tower: Built between 1928 and 1929, the OXO Tower is an interesting example of art deco in London thanks to the three vertical windows at the top in an O X O formation. These shapes were popular amongst art deco designers of the time making it a classic example of the style.

Hoover Building: The Hoover building’s design includes a number of features that are common for art deco architecture such as geometric shapes, bold colours and pillars. It was designed by notable art deco architects, Wallis, Gilbert and Partners.

Whether you stay in the art deco Oxford Street hotel or one of the many Shaftesbury hotels, you’ll never be too far away from one of London’s many art deco buildings.