Be part of The Audience at The Apollo


Peter Morgan’s The Audience has been wowing, well, audiences all over the world in recent years, and a new version of the show is set to take London by storm in 2015.

The Audience tells the tale of Queen Elizabeth II who, for 60 years, has been meeting with her 12 Prime Ministers in weekly audiences at Buckingham Palace. This strictly private meeting sees the PM and the Queen discuss issues that cannot ever be repeated outside of those walls, not even to their spouses, until now. The play imagines a series of important meetings between the Queen and the likes of Churchill, Thatcher and Cameron, and the results are nothing short of explosive.

As the Queen transforms from a young mother to a grandmother, she continues to advise, listen, console and tease, and in turn, revealing parts of her own nature to others. Politicians may have come and gone over the past 60 years, but the Queen has been a constant in this second Elizabethan Age; a sentiment that weaves through the play’s narrative.

Critically acclaimed Stephen Daldry has taken the helm of directing this new production, while Kristin Scott Thomas will be playing the monarch herself. Following Helen Mirren’s famous run as the Queen, Thomas sure does have some big boots to fill. The Audience will be playing at The Apollo from April 21st to July 25th 2015.

The West End has an eclectic collection of bars and restaurants to keep the night going after the show, so be sure to consider your accommodation options in London to ensure you have a place to stay. You have just had a personal reception with the Queen at the end of the day!