Best Breweries of London

Brewery in London

One of the first things people think of when they think of the UK is beer and hearty, comforting public houses. Throughout the country, inner-city locals, countryside finds and born and bred boozers are the collective homes of local communities, and give tourists to the city a slice of local life. London especially has always had a grand selection of pubs, and on every other street, you’ll find one with unique character and distinctive personality. You’ll no doubt come across them during your stay at hotels in London, giving guests at family rooms in London hotels a chance to find a very British form of bonding.

But for a good pub to succeed, there has to be a fine selection of drinks. As such a wide-spanning city, London is the king of craft concoctions. This is evident in the many London breweries dotted across the city. From historic London staples to newly opened breweries, you’ll find a broad variety of beer bazaars in London, and visiting, sampling and touring them might just give you a whole new perspective on the city.

Below is a selection of the fine craft breweries in London. Spanning many boroughs and tastes, visiting these breweries will not only have you sampling great beers but give you a new way to engage with and explore those less touristy parts of the city.

Canopy Brewery

Canopy Brewery is based in the railway arches just behind Brockwell Park. With its ruggedly quaint setting, this rough and ready brewery lies in the heart of the leafy Brixton area of South East London. Handcrafting a range of IPA’s, ales, lagers and stouts, Canopy Brewery has quickly become one of the most talked about London beer makers, with a distinct edge and ever growing, ever shifting back catalogue of products.

Five Points Brewery

Nestled in the East London area of Hackney, Five Points Brewery is a community led brewery with a collage of flavours and variety. With plenty of pilsener, ample ales, and thick creamy porters and a selection of shifting seasonal samplers, the Five Points brewery has its own taproom and warehouse at 61 Mare street. Right in the heart of Hackney Central, Five Points is a must try for East London explorers staying at the Shaftesbury near Liverpool Street station.

Beavertown Brewery

A common staple of many London pubs, the Beavertown Brewery is available on tap all across the city. If you’re wanting to see where it all began, then the Tottenham based warehouse is the place to go. With striking labels and a multitude of punchy beers and IPA’s under its belt, Beavertown Brewery’s warehouse and taproom is a must visit for its striking designs alone.

CRATE Brewery

The industrial-chic minimalism of CRATE brewery may be bold in its style, but the pizzas and homemade beers sold at this classically Hackney Wick Brewery are the real stand out. With monthly guest brews from international beermakers and DJ’s playing weekly, this is not your average brewery.

Howling Hops

Another Hackney Wick hideaway, this unique brewery serves its homemade beers straight from the tap, making it a literal taproom! With ten beers on sale, you can also find a range of freshly made snacks, meats and coffees made in-house before your very eyes.

Meantime Brewery Company

The Meantime Brewery Company is one that knows how to keep time. With patiently brewed beers in the heart of the Greenwich Meridian, the Meantime Brewery has its own tasting rooms, serving beer from where the action really happens.

Anspach & Hobday

Part of the Bermondsey Beer Mile, Anspach & Hobday stands out from the many other breweries just off of Bermondsey Street with its vintage designs and quirky beer flavours. From smoky experiments to your classic stouts and porters, Anspach & Hobday really know how to build a brew.

Fourpure Brewery

Another Bermondsey gem, this popular South London brewery has 16 taps to try, and an ever-changing collage f classics and new experiments to try. Again located under the railway arches of Bermondsey, the large taproom and bar give guests a chance to try some very unique flavours, ranging from the zesty to the chocolatey.

Kernel Brewery

Kernel Brewery’s products can be found in shops and bars across the city, and with its Bermondsey based hub, you can try it from the very source. With simple faux cardboard labels that give it a back to basics feel. The beers themselves are everything but, ensuring that thirsty tourists from the Park Grand London Hyde Park have a range of quintessentially London stouts and porters at their disposal, all bringing a rich depth to their unique tastes.

Moor Beer Co Vaults

Another Railway Arch win, the Moor Beer Company has a taproom in Bermondsey that buzzes with beer soaked energy. With organically cultivated ingredients that leave out the bad stuff, Moor Beer Company uses live yeast in their brews and sources their malts from UK, Germany and Belgium, the three musketeers of beer cultivation. With a variety of yeast strains, Moor makes internationally renowned and meticulously crafted beers from a variety of styles.

Partizan Brewing

Built by homebrewer and fine dining entrepreneur Andy Smith, Partizan is known for its striking beer bottle illustrations that are as collectable as any works of art. With early collaboration from previously mentioned Kernel Brewery who lent Partizan their first brewing kit, the Partizan company became neighbours with their once mentors in Bermondsey’s Railway Arches. Well worth a visit, this micro-brewery is bursting at the seams with charm and flavour.

The Barrel Project

24 taps mean a lot of diversity for this tap room-cum-blendery. With worldwide beers all lovingly crafted within the oak barrels behind the bar, the Barrel Project is one for those who want an almost overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to picking their drink of the evening. Guests at Hotels in Paddington Hyde Park won’t want to miss the amazing array of internationally brewed beers, giving everything from Big Milk Stouts to the Sour Solistice IPA.