Paddington is well known for its wide range of shopping opportunities and enjoying London’s fantastic options is part of the joy of visiting the city. Whether you’re cruising West London for souvenirs or simply in it for a fashion browse, West London is famous for its historical shopping streets and markets. From Portobello market to Chelsea, the Paddington area is rife with potential for all wealth ranges. One especially prevalent aspect of West London shopping is the great department stores you can find near Paddington. The British department store is famous for selling almost everything, and with heritage rich hampers, truly British clothes designers and a wide range of other products available, the department stores of London are well worth a visit, if for no other reason than a deep dive into the traditions and history of British consumer culture.


 Oxford Street

This high-end chain of department stores has its original store located on Oxford Street in central West London, attracting visitors from the Shaftesbury Hotel London and beyond to its wide range of clothes homeware and food products. The Selfridges chain is so historic that it has spawned a TV series inspired by its founder Harry Gordon Selfridge.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer’s are one of the most famous British department stores and sells a range of branded clothes as well as food and homeware products. With hundreds of branches across the UK, Marks and Spencer’s is one of the most popular department stores in the country.



Made famous internationally by the Harrods Hamper, an exquisite selection of foodstuffs sourced from the UK, Harrods is a high-end department store which sells luxury goods. With its history as suppliers and tailors for the royal family, those staying at the Shaftesbury hotel collection looking for a little bit of luxury could do far worse than one of the largest department stores in the world.


Marlborough Street

Located on Great Marlborough Street, Liberty London was founded in 1875 in a unique Tudor inspired building just off Oxford Street. Here you can find a wide range of cosmetics, jewellery, men women and children’s wear alongside homeware products and much much more. Built under a thatched roof, the unique architecture of this department store also brings historians and designers alike to study the building.

John Lewis

John Lewis is another famous department store base don Oxford Street. With it’s affiliated Waitrose supermarket, John Lewis sells a range of homeware, accessories and clothes alongside food products, whilst the countless floors also bring a café to the flagship Oxford Street branch.

Harvey Nichols

Based in Knightsbridge London, the Harvey Nichols store was founded in 1831 and has now grown to have 16 stores across the UK. This luxury department store was founded by Benjamin Harvey and began its life as a terraced house based linen shop. It’s no surprise to find its grown, especially with the stores wide range of fashion accessories, wine and cosmetics bringing thousands of people through its doors every day.