Best Holiday Cocktails to Try This Christmas


London is the perfect place for bar hopping at any time of year. However, during the Christmas break, you’ll find the pub scene of London to be particularly festive. With glittering festive lights and a whole range of fun events, hotels like the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington really do herald in the season to be jolly. With hotel bars offering the best in the business when it comes to mixologists, you’ll only ever be a staircase away from the best cocktails in the city when staying at our West London hotels.

So, whether you’re planning a Christmas party at home or you’re on the lookout for a festive night out to remember (or not!), there’s always a new drink to try. Whether you go for the alcohol-free version or not, these drinks and cocktails are some of the most unique on the festive London menus. Offering up a great variety to suit all tastes, these drinks truly reflect the season and will have you warmed up from the cold outside in no time at all! From sherries and amarettos to whisky and gin, here are some of the best cocktails to try this festive season.

Mulled Wine

The classic festive drink, mulled wine is readily available in almost every pub in the UK over the festive period. With non-alcoholic options and a range of spices and fruits to season the red wine-based drink with, mulled wine is usually served hot, offering up the quintessential beverage with Christmas kick.

Mulled Wine with elderflower

There are plenty of different mulled wine recipes out there, and one of the most unique is Mulled Wine with elderflower. Utilising the abundance of this great tasting flower, elderflower mulled wine is served chilled, alongside a dash of vanilla pods, elderflower cordial and lemon juice, creating a zingy Christmas twist.

Mulled Cranberry Juice


Cranberries are a true winter fruit, so creating a Christmas cocktail is a no brainer. With heated cranberry juice, a teaspoon of maple syrup, add a dash of orange slices and cloves, before adding a shot of vodka or rum to your taste. After mixing the concoction, garnish the Christmassy concoction with nutmeg and cinnamon sticks.

Cape May Mule

Another kicker crammed with cranberry, the Cape May Mule is a mix of fresh cranberries and ice, topped with vodka and ginger beer. This delightful gingery cooler is given an extra twist with a squeeze of lime juice, making for a simple Christmas drink that takes you back to simple, satisfying tastes.

Bourbon Cream Punch

Made from a mix of bourbon cream and cognac, brandy or bourbon as well as egg white and vanilla extract. This Christmas cocktail is a comforting and cool refresher which is simply shaken into being for a thick and relaxing Christmas drink. Thick and wholesome, this creamy cocktail will really help you settle in for the festive season.


Manzana is a cocktail that’s perfect for versatility. Whether you’re a Park Grand Paddington Suites guest who needs to cool down or warm up from a day out in the city, the Manzana can be served chilled or heated. Made with Flor de Cana, Amontillado Sherry, agave nectar, apple cider and some apple bitters, this cocktail can be grated with nutmeg and served in a variety of glasses, whether they be short or tall.

Geese a ’laying

Named after the Christmas rhyme, this mix of Grey Goose Vodka, plum jam and Cointreau is sprinkled with a dash of prosecco, making for a sparkling seasonal beverage. Make sure to serve in a prosecco glass for an especially seasonal celebration.

Winter wonderland

winter wonderland- cocktail

Whether you’re spoiling yourself with a trip to the Shaftesbury Hotel collection or you’re making it at home, this sugar-sweet delight is made with vodka, peppermint schnapps, gourmet white chocolate liqueur, candy cane and red sugar, resulting in a giddy treat. For those with a sweet tooth, this will prove to be the perfect stocking filler.

Holiday Sangria

Put a festive spin on this summer favourite with a little cinnamon cordial, berries and cava in your red wine sangria. Whilst the un might be out for the season, you can still shine with this citrusy, aniseed treat that’s perfect for Christmas parties.

Cure for the Chicago Cold

Whilst staying at the Paddington Court Suites, you’ll be a long way from Chicago, but why not cure that pesky London flu with a hearty Cold Cure from the windy city itself. Made from bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Montenegro, syrup and lemon juice, this shaken mix will energise and liven you from your winter blues, especially when warmed up and served with herbal tea.

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Give your hot chocolate a kick this winter by serving with a dash of tequila and some spiced chilli. After that Christmas dinner, you’ll no doubt need some waking up, and this mix of chocolate and chilli will undoubtedly do the trick.

Chocolate Porter Flip

The chocolate porter flip is a chocolate flavoured port ale, mixed in with egg whites, dark rum and syrup. Heat up all the ingredients in a pan and enjoy this festive comfort blanket that dates back to the 17th century.

Hot Spiced Cider Cocktail

Add some seasonal spices to your cider this Christmas and warm your cockles by the fire. With this mix of spicy rum, cider and cinnamon, indulge yourself this Christmas with a winter take on the summer beverage.

Pine Barrens

Jingle all the way with the crisp taste of a winter walk. With lemon juice, green chartreuse and syrup. With a dash of rosemary on top, this winter wonder is a perfect addition to your festive celebrations. With a bitter and sharp taste, this will tantalise the tastebuds before, after and during your festive feast.

Yuletide Toddy

This yuletide treat is made with a mix of hot water, bourbon, sherry, walnut liqueur and honey, and makes for a sweet and spicy Christmas drink. Truly reflecting the taste of Christmas, you can add honey, cinnamon and orange slices for an extra citrus sweet sensation.