BrewDog opens first London bar


Visitors to the capital looking for the best pubs and dining experiences in central London may be interested in the recent opening of the BrewDog bar in Camden.

The north London venue is the first of its kind in England from the Scottish brewing team behind the wide selection of BrewDog beers.

The craft beer bar hopes to become one of the leading party venues in London, boasting a modern-looking double-floored space with huge windows, and a cement-topped bar.

It features 18 daily changing taps, plus hundreds of different bottles, including BrewDog classics such as 5AM Saint, Hardcore IPA, Punk IPA, 77 Lager, Trashy Blond, Paradox, Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck.

“BrewDog Camden is the latest addition to our fleet of craft beer bars and we couldn’t think of a more apt location in the Big Smoke,” explained the company.

“Just a stone’s throw from Camden Tube Station, the BrewDog bar adds a much needed craft beer injection to an area that’s typically associated with a twisted mix of indie drinking dens, chic VIP venues and mental aslyums.”

Additionally, the bar offers the top picks from breweries around the world, including Danish stouts, California porter Old Viscosity, Japan’s Red Rice ale, and New Zealand’s Tall Poppy.

The venue also acts as an off-license, meaning that all the bottles are available for home consumption, while the bar also offers a two-litre reusable “growler”.

“In a BrewDog bar first, we’re able to serve an incredible array of international craft brews and BrewDog favourites across two floors, each stripped back with an unforgiving edginess that’s befitting of the world’s most hardcore beers,” the group added.

“Let nothing stop you from coming to hang out in London’s most anticipated craft beer playground.”

Foodies are also in for a treat at the boozer as MasterChef winner Tim Anderson has been roped into designing the gourmet burger on its menu.