Catch Catherine Tate in this blackest of comedies


Comedienne Catherine Tate has firmly become a household name in recent years, having appeared in the likes of Doctor Who and The Catherine Tate Show – and now you can catch her live in this fantastic new show.

To suggest that Assassins is a ‘black comedy’ would be an understatement, as it looks to put audiences at the Menier Chocolate Factory in fits of laughter. The story is based on the book by John Weidman, which depicts 13 individuals from different backgrounds who all have something shocking in common – they have all tried to assassinate the US president. While four of them have actually been successful, the group are mocked by society, being labelled as lunatics who have become detached from reality.

As the play progresses, the audience soon realises that maybe it is common society that is ignorant, and as the truth begins to unravel, a wider commentary emerges on US culture and ambitions surrounding the ‘American Dream’.

The production has been directed by Jamie Lloyd, and combined with Stephen Sondheim’s stunning score, this may just be one of the best and shocking musicals that have produced in the past decade. And if toe-tapping tunes are not really your thing, the script oozes with so much comedy, that you will want to catch this modern classic while you still can.

Assassins will be playing at the Menier Chocolate Factory from November 21st to March 7th 2015. You may want to catch another show while in the capital city and trust us when we say you have your fair share of choice. Whether it is the hilarious Book of Mormon or the always-popular Lion King, there is something here for all tastes and ages – just be sure to book your London hotel in advance.