Celebrate Chinese New Year in London in 2015


While Chinese New Year may indeed come round every year, there is one city outside of Asia that truly celebrates it on a grand scale, and that is London. Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals will descend down on the West End to share their blessings to one another – and 2015 will be no different.

In 2015, the beginning of what will be the Year of the Sheep will be on February 19th, and huge parties are expected in the likes of Chinatown, Shaftesbury Avenue and Trafalgar Square. Highlights include a big stage set up in Trafalgar Square hosting a series of popular names from China, lion teams, a big parade making its way through the city, and market stalls selling anything from traditional food to local crafts. And as if all of that was not enough, the event is free to attend and you can always go for a Chinese meal at one of the area’s many fantastic restaurants as well.

So what exactly is Chinese New Year? The calendar is based on both the lunar and solar movements, so the date of the new year changes annually – usually falling between late January and the middle of February. Each year is then represented by one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and it just so happens that it’s the bashful sheep in 2015.

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All that is left to say is: Kung Hei Fat Choi. That’s Happy New Year to you and I.