Celebrate St Andrew’s Day…. in London!

Andrew's Day

While you may not think it, one of the best places to mark St Andrew’s Day is in London. Although it isn’t be a bank holiday over there like it is in Scotland, they sure know how to celebrate it.

  • But what exactly is the day about? It is used to remember St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, who was the brother of St Peter and the first disciple of Christ. Having spent his life spreading the word of Jesus and then sacrificing himself on a diagonal cross (hence the Scottish flag), it is believed that his bones were then housed in Scotland all the way up to the Reformation. Beyond the region, Andrew is also the patron saint of Russia, Romania and Greece, so expect celebrations in these nations too.
  • St Andrew’s Day will be on November 30th this year, and London is set to mark it in style, with bagpipe performances, golf tournaments and various local bars and pubs dishing out whisky and haggis. Many taverns will have special Scottish-themed nights, with local bands playing traditional music, while restaurants are sure to have themed menus.
  • If all of this was not enough, more Scottish celebrations are set to occur for Burns Night in January, with celebrates the birthday of native poet Robert Burns.

St Andrew’s Day sits on a Sunday so make a real weekend of it and try and incorporate some of the best attractions that London has to offer, such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and the London Dungeons. Whether it is catching a show in the West End or checking out one of the many German markets, there is something here for all tastes. It is sure to be a family trip none of you will forget – just book yourself into a London hotel.