Cider pub opens in London


Visitors to cheap London hotels looking for unique and new pubs in the capital may be interested in the city’s first cider-focused venue.

The Euston Cider Tap, a spring off from the perennial commuter favourite Euston Tap, has become the capital’s first cider-only bar, rivalling cocktail bars in London for tourist attention.

A wide variety of fermented fruits are available in both tap and bottle form, including 15 rotating draughts.

The selection of ciders kicks off with New York’s crisp and clean Original Sin, ultra-dry Warwickshire’s Hogan’s, “tongue-pleasing” Pheasant Plucker scrumpy, and Glastonbury’s Orchard Pig.

“There are as many bottles as there would’ve been Spartans if an extra 200 had gotten up off their scheming arses and helped out, including the west-country Old Kirton (extremely traditional, it’s pressed through straw and aged in oak), the 7.5 per cent Bee Sting pear, and a 17.5 per cent number called ‘Pommeau’, made by mixing in a third Calvados from Normandy, so battling with it may well leave you blinded,” reported restaurant reviewers Thrillist.

Additionally, there will be drinks available for those who don’t want to stick to cider, including a couple of dedicated beer taps and a selection of wine.

The upstairs of the pub will also feature a private-hire “cider press room”, which hopes to rank among the top party venues in London.

“Following the success of the ground breaking Euston Tap, we are opening London’s first dedicated cider bar,” explained the pub.

“Cider on draught, from the oak and bottles from more than 100 cider farms in the UK and France, autumn 2011.”

Furthermore, the venue has launched a new coffee bar aiming to service demanding patrons during their morning commute.

“Stop by on the way to work for a hot Monmouth coffee to go, or linger in our upstairs seating area or our sunny patio,” added the company.

“Prepared by our passionate barista, we pride ourselves on serving the best coffee in Euston Station.”


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