Craving a titbit? London’s finest food markets


Walking around the streets of London can be a tiring experience and requires time for recuperation, rest and nourishment, however, sometimes you can combine walking with eating as you stroll around some of London’s top food markets and nibble at the tasters.

London has it all, from bargains to top quality ingredients, there’s something for the everyone, be you a top Michelin-starred chef, an enthusiastic home cooker, or someone out and about searching for a personal treat.

Now one of London’s classic fruit and veg markets, Berwick Street Market has a rich history of attracting trade and was very popular in the early 20th century as a place to buy affordable fashion and textile goods. However, these days, you’ll find a mix of fresh produce and flavoursome foods cooked on demand, alongside some clothing stalls, a small homage to Berwick Street’s past.

A list of food markets in London would be incomplete without mentioning the city’s most renowned food market, Borough Market. Offering exceptional British and international produce, this market is home to some of the best food on offer from a community of remarkable individuals that care deeply about their wares. Strolling around the market is a real treat, not only because of the samplers on offer, but because most traders will be delighted to take the time to explain what makes their goods so special.

Broadway Market can be found tucked away between Regent’s Canal and London Fields and is most frequented by people that live nearby, however, holds some top-notch edibles and a variety of popular clothing stalls that the new-age Eastenders love. Not only that, the true beauty is that the top quality food comes at prices of the like that you’d see in supermarkets, which is why it’s so loved by locals.

The award winning weekly food market, Brockley Market, offers a huge mix of locally sourced seasonal produce that will instantly have you dreaming up recipes to use them in. Moreover, it contains a huge number of street-food stalls that will have you salivating at first glimpse, making Brockley Market a foodie delight. No wonder its been dubbed a cooler, mini version of Borough Market, but make sure you get there before everyone else finds out!

The delights of South London’s Brixton Market aim to support the local community and local traders by providing a medley of markets that contain delicious food stalls and cafés that are changed up every week, making each Saturday visit a unique experience. Not only tempting the taste buds, there’s also retro and vintage markets, bakers’ and flea markets, and a host of other treasures waiting to be found.

Chapel Market is London’s first and most established farmer’s market and has stuck to its roots despite the surrounding area becoming increasingly popular and gentrified over the past decade. Holding some of the freshest veg you’ve ever laid eyes on, and some of the finest meat and poultry in London, it’s no surprise that the market’s primary focus is to enable farmers to sell their products to the public at a fair price, allowing local communities to connect directly with country farmers.

With a pedigree that includes the likes of Sir Alan Sugar’s first shampoo stall, Chatsworth Road Market is an iconic market of London that has returned from closure to provide the local community with prime food and goods as well as a place for residents to mix, meet and entertain the kids. It’s a truly local affair, as residents and traders of the area championed the campaign to bring the market back and over 50 per cent of Chatsworth Road Market traders live in surrounding postcodes.

The trendy stalls of Camden Lock Market attracts visitors from all parts of the globe as well as authentic Londoners. Since 1972, it has been most famous for being London’s original arts and crafts market and boasts a vibrant collection of shops, market stalls, and tasty treats, all hidden away in the narrow alleys and halls that make up the surrounding areas of Camden Lock. Once you’ve finished exploring the market you can spend the evening at some of London’s original music institutions.

The recently introduced Real Food Market provides a weekly three-day venue to buy fresh, high quality, and great value food and drink at the well-known Southbank Centre. Not to mention an additional monthly showing in Kings Cross, providing both North and South London access to some of the rising stars of London’s street food scene. The market upholds ethical and sustainable production of food and showcases their support for independent traders and small producers.