Cultural Events to Get Excited For This February to March

Chinese new year festival

London’s entertainment can sometimes seem neverending. From the amazing range of galleries, exhibition spaces and performances, it can often feel overwhelming, especially for a first time Londoner getting to grips with the city. From central hotels like the Park Grand London Hyde Park, central London can seem like a real ocean of opportunity, and tourists will no doubt have an abundance of options for their cultural exploration of the UK capital already on their list.

It’s never too late to broaden your horizons, and this list of amazing events taking place throughout February and March will give you even more options. Focussing on only the very best London has to offer, this list of pointers will help you make the most of your London visit and truly get to know the city.

Vault Festival

Vault Festival runs from the end of January until the 22nd of March and is one of the most highly anticipated cultural events in the city. Based under Waterloo Station in a labyrinth of underground tunnels and venues, the Vault Festival promises a range of theatre, comedy and cabaret shows that push boundaries and shift the focus from the West End mainstream to the next big things in the theatre world.

What’s on at Vault Festival?

So with such a long-spanning festival running through February and March, it could be a real showstopper for newly arrived guests at The Shaftesbury who are looking for something a little different. With a party atmosphere and beautiful mood lighting throughout the dark halls and tunnels, the Vault Festival usually programmes shows for about a week at a time.

Life and Death of a Journalist

Running from the 28th February to the 1st of March, this beautiful play inspired by the Hong Kong protests is a gripping must-see exploring themes of censorship and propaganda as a journalist tries to do the right thing in a global crisis.

Work Txt

Thi unique and interactive play from Sam Ellis started life as a short piece of theatre. With a focus on the gig economy, Work Txt explores how UK workers can be exploited by low wages and the need to survive. In the play, the audience members are the ones who tell the story in an interactive and form breaking piece of theatre that runs from the 3rd till the 8th of March.


Splintered is a drag and cabaret show that explores queerness within Caribbean culture. Utilising theatre, cabaret, lip-syncing and verbatim theatre, Splintered runs from the 12th to the 16th of February and was devised by the award winning  Productions.


Playing on the 2nd of February and the 22nd of March, Hot is a new show which explores the climate crisis through the lens of a rom-com. With a rehearsed reading on the 2nd of February and a script in hand staging on the 22nd of March, this new play is bound to be one of the most hotly debated topics during the Vault Festival.


So that’s the Vault Festival, and what a festival it is. With two bars and a range of late-night parties, you could return every day to Waterloo and see something different. But what about the many other areas of London? Below are some of the best events taking place in February, giving guests at family rooms in London more than just theatre and cabaret to look forward to.

Orchids Festival at Kew

The Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens is in its 25th year and is always one of the most exciting flower festivals in the country, if not the world. Running from the 8th February to the 8th March, the festival is based in the historic Kew Gardens (which itself dates back more than 200 years), the Orchids Festival floods the Kew Garden Conservatories with thousands of species of orchid, exploring the beautiful plant in all its glory.

Young Bomberg and the Old Masters

Based at the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, this unique exhibition compares the work of modernist painter David Bomberg with the paintings of the Old Masters of the ??? century. The paintings accompany and reflect each other, and will see modern work alongside that of Botticelli, Michelangelo and many others. Make sure not to miss this free to visit exhibition running until the end of February.


Below is just a selection of the amazing events coming to London this March. For guests at hotels in London Paddington, Shoreditch, or even north-west Heathrow, you’ll find this range of centrally located events easy to reach and a real representation of the international character and friendliness of London. Bring on the Spring!

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day takes place on the 17th of March and is one of the most riotous events in the London City Centre. With usually English pubs refreshing their whiskey and Guinness cabinets for the day,  and live bands and Irish themed quizzes making London that little bit greener, the St Patrick’s Day celebrations take over London’s city centre on the third Tuesday of March.

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things at the V&A

Tim Walker is one of the best known for his incredible “Storyteller” exhibition in 2012 and now takes his amazing sculptures to the heart of London’ design world – the Victoria and Albert Museum. This amazing exhibition shows everything from sculptures to photography, and show London at its most stylish.

Dora Maar at the Tate Modern

Tate Modern is no stranger to surrealism, already showing some of the finest works from Picasso and Dali. One of the most anticipated exhibitions landing in the Bankside Power Station this March is the Dora Maar exhibition, a reflection on her stunning photography and complex images which will help to bolster up and out of Picasso’s shadow, with whom she had a long and tumultuous relationship with as his muse and lover.

London Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in London is a great chance to enjoy some time with your parent whilst also indulging in many amazing events. From classy afternoon tea sessions to discount cocktails, there’s plenty to do with your mother this 22nd of March.