Discover a new musical style at the Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre

If you are staying in a hotel in London over the next few days, you will undoubtedly be in for a treat as the Darbar Festival is whipping up a frenzy at the Southbank Centre.

Celebrating all things in Indian classical music, the event has been delighting audiences every year, purely because visitors will be able to enjoy a beautiful and intricate musical style that has for many decades been overlooked as an art form outside of India itself. You will be able to see some of the most talented musicians from India play Carnatic, Hindustani and Dhrupad-inspired pieces across 15 fantastic live concerts.

Big names to particularly look out for include vocalist Ram Deshpande, surbahar player Pushpraj Koshti and Chitrangana Agle-Reshwal, who is actually one of the very few women in the world to play the double-sided drum called the pakhawaj.

However, it is not just about the performances. There will also be an extensive programme of seminars, demonstrations, lectures, talks and workshops focused solely on this classical music style, and if you have time on your side, you can even opt in for a course about the traditions and theories of the genre.

So what are you waiting for? The Darbar Festival will be taking place at the Southbank Centre from September 17th to 21st. This won’t give you long to sort out your accommodation, so be sure to act quick to avoid disappointment.

You may want to use this as an opportunity to also experience the multicultural hub that is London. Spending a few hours exploring the likes of Camden Market and east London will gain you further insight about how the Hindu community has based itself in this fantastic city over the years.