Do not miss the Head of the River Race in London


This weekend, rowing fans and tourists alike will be gathering on the banks of the famous Thames to witness one of the oldest sporting traditions in London’s fair history: Head of the River Race.

Taking place on Sunday March 29th, the race will see 400 crews gather to pit their strengths against one another as they compete for the crown in this historic event.

Starting off in Mortlake and ending in Putney, the 4.25-mile course will welcome rowers from all over the world to take place in the race which is almost 100 years old.

Cambridge and Tideway oarsman Steve Fairbairn started the race in 1926 as a way for rowing crews to train properly during the colder months of the year. Its popularity snowballed and it is now a world-famous event in its own right.

River Race London

Even if you couldn’t care less about the sport of rowing, this spectacle is much more about the history and the general atmosphere that surrounds the Thames during the event.

The race itself will pass under a number of bridges before the finish line, and so these are some of the best places to cheer on the competitors from. Chiswick Bridge, Barnes Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge are some of the best, with the first being the one closest to the starting line.

To get to Chiswick Bridge, head to Chiswick Station on South West Trains. If you’d like to see the race from Hammersmith, head to the underground station of the same name on either the District Line or the Piccadilly Line. You can walk to the bridge from here. There is no charge to see this event.

Expect the banks of the river to be very busy on race day, people come from all over the world to see this happen. If you want to get yourself a really good place to perch, head to a section of the Thames between the start and finish line at least 45 minutes in advance.