Down In The Dumps? Cheer Yourself Up In London This Spring

London This Spring

What better way to get yourself out of your slump than a spring time visit to London? With so much to do and a range of luxury Oxford Street Hotels, you’ll be excited to try out the city for its most uplifting and exciting events. Whether you’re looking for a day in the sun or a thrill to take your mind off things, then London is the place for you.

1Zap Space Trampoline Park

Open to 8 pm every night, zap space is one of the most fun things to do in East London. With a range of corporate and birthday hire deals, you can use Zap Space’s trampoline park for dodgeball tournaments, team building activities and a range of other sports to get your heart pumping and your mates laughing. Whether you’re looking for a freestyle jump session with your colleagues and friends or want to try the slam dunk basketball nets, there is plenty to get involved. Those with kids should keep in mind that any children between 4 and 7 must be supervised by an adult and any kids between 7 and 11 must have a parent in the park somewhere. However old you are, this will be a day to remember.