Exploring Westminster Cathedral

Westminster cathedral - London, UK

If you’re visiting London then you’re sure to have plenty of different landmarks on your list of things to see, such as Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

Of course, there are lots of museums, galleries and theatres to visit too, as well as a huge collection of bars, restaurants and cafes – you’re simply spoilt for choice!

Westminster Cathedral catholic church in London, UK

However, we reckon that you should include Westminster Cathedral on your must-see list – if it isn’t on there already, of course. This is because it’s one of the most interesting and historic buildings in the city, boasting many different features and moving images.

About the Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral is the largest Catholic church in the whole of England and is a fascinating representation of Byzantine empire architecture, which you will notice in its beautifully shaped turrets and domes.

Walking through the doors of this building is sure to move you, even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly religious person because – as we mentioned previously – this is an historically rich building, as well as one of evangelistic importance.

It’s free to enter, which is handy if you’re going to be travelling on a budget or have a particularly large group or family with you.

You can’t take pictures inside the church unfortunately but if you would like to take something from the church as a keepsake or a souvenir for someone then you’re more than welcome to visit the gift shop.
However, to show you the inside of Westminster Cathedral below is the picture we have managed to get.


Events That Happen at The Church

Naturally, there are religious ceremonies here all through the week – the one on Sundays is certainly a sight to behold, However, this isn’t all that you can expect to see here.

Over the years the church has been visited by the Queen to honour her silver jubilee, which was an important moment, as she was the first monarch to do so since the Reformation.

You might be surprised to find out that you can enjoy various musical concerts here throughout the year too, a fact that the church is incredibly proud of. The venue hosts everything from contemporary musicians to choral groups and has done so for two centuries.

As we mentioned, the cathedral is free to visit, but they do accept donations to contribute towards its general upkeep. There may also be a charge for concerts, but you’ll be able to find that out before you go along.

Getting there…

You’ll need somewhere to stay when you’re in London, of course, and one of the best in The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection has to be the  Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel, which happens to be close by Westminster Cathedral itself.

The hotel is perfect whether you’re looking for a two-person weekend break or want to bring the whole family. This includes very little ones ,thanks to all the facilities in the rooms and extras you can request from the front desk.

To get to Westminster Cathedral from the hotel, simply walk seven minutes to Paddington Tube Station and take the Piccadilly line from there for 15 minutes to Victoria Station. From here, you’re just five minutes from the church.

If the weather is fine, you should take advantage of it by walking through Hyde Park – this will add some time to the journey time, but it’s well worth it.


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