Famous Musicians of London

London Music

Throughout the centuries, London has been the home of countless famous musicians. From rock stars to classical composers, England’s capital has provided a source of inspiration for the best in the business.

We’re proud that our London Shaftesbury hotels are part of the rich cultural history of London so we’re dedicating this post to the musical creators that have also called the city their home. If you’re looking to really experience London, be sure to book a room at the Shaftesbury hotel collection and discover the same magic that these famous musicians did.

Jimi Hendrix

Although, as most people will be aware, this guitar legend was American, he spent his final years living in London. Before moving to the UK, Jimi Hendrix was a session guitarist with a lot of wasted talent. It wasn’t until he was discovered by former Animals bassist, Chas Chandler that his career really took off. After leaving the US behind and heading to London, the iconic guitarist shot to fame and took the British music scene by storm. He performed countless sell-out shows in the most prestigious venues across the country and was admired by the best artists in the business. His former residence on Brook Street is open today as a museum.

The Beatles

These four musicians need no introduction. Even those who aren’t huge music fans will have heard of the fab four and will most likely be familiar with a number of their famous songs. Although the unlikely quartet was born and raised by the Mersey in Liverpool, they spent a large portion of their careers living in London. The capital was where a number of their albums were recorded including the iconic Abbey Road album, the location of which is still a big tourist attraction. Perhaps one of the most iconic moments in music was the Beatles’ rooftop gig in 1969 which took place on top of their studio on Savile Row.

George Frederic Handel

Fans of classical music will be very familiar with this renowned 17th-century composer and may have heard some of his iconic pieces. Those who are not familiar with his work may know him better as Jimi Hendrix’s neighbor. Although the two artists were separated by 300 years of time, they took up residence in what is now the Handle House Museum. Handel was one of the most influential composers of his time and the music he created still serves as inspiration for musicians today.

Freddie Mercury

Known for his fierce voice and empowering lyrics, Freddie Mercury led one of the best British bands in history to fame through the 70s and 80s. As one of the first openly gay performers, he was an idol to millions of people and was a beloved treasure of the British music industry. Not many people will be aware but Freddie was actually born in what is now Tanzania but spent most of his life in Feltham after his family migrated. This move led to the formation of one of the greatest rock groups of all time.