Get back at bad bosses with team-building in London

Team Building

We’ve all had them – those bosses you just love to hate. Maybe they keep you back after-hours dealing with boring admin or inflict hours-long meetings upon you at 9am on a Monday morning. Whatever it is they do that irks you, bad management is universal – which is why the recent blockbuster movie and its sequel starring Jennifer Aniston were such huge box office successes.

There might not be much you can do about it most of the time, unless you want to take drastic action like making a complaint or leaving your job for one with someone more reasonable in charge. However, there is one opportunity for you to get your own back, and that’s through the organisation of teambuilding exercises.

And if you live in or have access to London, then you’re absolutely spoilt for choice for such activities and the proof that revenge is a dish best served cold!

Make sure you join the events planning committee for your company and take a look around for team-building plans that could give you and your colleague the opportunity to shine and outsmart that boss for once.

Here are a few suggestions that are either long-standing favourites or growing in popularity.

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1.    Escape scenarios

Lots of companies now offer these games, including clueQuest, which is just a short walk from London King’s Cross train station. Guides put you into a room and then you’re tasked with following clues that will lead you along a maze and eventually out – hopefully. This is ideal if you were a die-hard fan of The Crystal Maze and should show off your problem-solving skills to perfection. Of course, there’s also an opportunity to go with your workmates beforehand and scout the place out so you can leave your clueless boss standing on the day. Did we say cheat? Absolutely not. The very thought of it!

2.    Cookery workshops

If your boss is always sending you to collect their takeaway orders and botches the coffee round every time, then there’s a chance they don’t know their way around a kitchen. Capitalise on this by booking a cooking or baking workshop and watch chaos ensue. As an avid viewer of Bake Off and Masterchef, you’ll be able to stand smugly alongside your wonderful culinary creations while theirs collapse into a pile of soggy pastry or burnt meat. Scores of restaurants in London offer courses, so take a look around and see which most appeals.

3.    Navigate the Thames

One of the most famous London attractions is the River Thames and lots of companies offer you the chance to navigate vessels up and down it, or to be steered by a skilled crew. This is a great idea for team-building if you know your boss hasn’t got sea legs. What’s that, sir? You wish you hadn’t had your lunch before we left? He’ll be using that brown paper bag before you know it, particularly if your steering proves a little (accidentally on purpose) unsteady.

4.    Circus skills

Our final suggestion makes the most of the wonderful Covent Garden and its range of circus performers, many of whom offer pre-bookable activity workshops. If you know you’re a dab hand at juggling or unicycle riding, then get it booked and watch as your boss wobbles around in a generally uncoordinated fashion. Don’t forget to practice with your colleagues before you go. Done this before? Of course not, Julie. We must just be natural fire-eaters.

There are plenty more team-building activities in London, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking what to do.

Of course, there is always the risk that your over-achieving boss might prove to be a dab hand at whatever you go for, but that’s one you’ll just have to take if you’re on a quest for glory. And if all else fails, you could always pick the game of paintball. Those painful little pellets could be just the revenge you’re looking for.