Get stuck on Neville’s Island with these comedy greats

York's Theatre

Comedy play Neville’s Island has been keeping audiences chuckling for the past 20 years, and a new production is set to take the Duke of York’s Theatre by storm this winter.

The play, which was first performed to critical praise in 1994, tells the tale of four dodgy businessmen who decide to go on an adventure to build team spirit in the working space. When they end up stranded in the Lake District, they find that they not only have to battle one another but they have to face the wider threat of the local wildlife and Mother Nature herself. Audiences can expect constant bickering, competitive men and devious plotting, only to see if the quartet can truly survive with just a sausage at hand and minimal knowledge of French cricket.

Having been written by Tim Firth, this new version has been directed by Angus Jackson, but it is the cast that is sure to draw audiences in. With the likes of Robert Webb, Adrian Edmonson, Neil Morrissey and Miles Jupp taking centre stage, you can be guaranteed that these small-screen stars will leave your sides firmly split.

Neville’s Island will be running at the Duke of York’s Theatre until January 3rd, and adult tickets start from £15. The theatre is located just by the Strand tube station, making it extremely accessible to get to when considering your accommodation options in London. Booking into a hotel is also a good idea if you are wanting to make a real night out of it – the city boasts a wide array of trendy and hipster bars where the craft beer continues to flow and delectable cocktails are the order of the day. What more could you really ask for?