Get To Know Your Transport Options From London’s Four Airports

Central london

When you fly into London there are a number of different airports available; London City, London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stansted, not to mention London Luton a little further afield. All of the airports, other than London City, are slightly outside of the main area of London and therefore many visitors will need to rely on public transport to get to and from the airport to their hotel.

If you’re flying into London Heathrow you’ll be able to stay at the BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow hotel to make things a little easier, but you should still keep in mind that you’ll need to get from the hotel to the city centre – luckily, there are excellent transport links from each airport so with a little prior research, you’ll find the journey quick and easy.

London Stansted


The main way to travel from London Stansted airport to the capital is via train. The Stansted Express train line runs from inside the airport itself to one of the city’s main train stations, London Liverpool Street. From London Liverpool Street pretty much anywhere in the city can be accessed via the London Underground. The Stansted Express also stops at Tottenham Hale, another route onto the London Underground. The Stansted Express runs every 30 minutes from 4am to around 1am, seven days a week. National Express also offers a number of coach options for those wanting to travel from London Stansted to various locations in the city.

London City

London City airport is the only airport that is in the city itself and therefore it is the easiest to travel to and from. Passengers can use the Docklands Light Railway and the public bus to travel into the city, as well as minicabs and London black taxis.

London Gatwick

Similarly to London Stansted, London Gatwick has a train line that ferries passengers to and from the airport, and goes into London Victoria. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and trains depart every 15 minutes in both directions, from approximately 5am until midnight. Coach travel is also available from London Gatwick and National Express has a number of routes to key parts of the city.

London Heathrow

London underground tube station

Passengers can travel from London Heathrow to a number of places in London using the London Underground. There are three London Heathrow Tube stations and each services a different terminal; Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3, Heathrow Terminal 4 and Heathrow Terminal 5. All stations are on the Piccadilly Line which goes into the heart of the city stopping at key places such as Kings Cross, Covent Garden and Hyde Park Corner. Journeys start from approximately 5am and run through until midnight. There are also coach options available from London Heathrow.

If you are travelling to and from London Heathrow, consider staying at the BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow to be nearer to the airport for early morning flights.