How to Survive The Rush Hour In London

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If there’s one thing that everybody dreads when they visit London, it’s the huge crowds and long queues. Every day millions of people use the city’s transport system to get around and this can make traveling very difficult for first timers.

To help make sure your trip to our hotels in Barbican London is easy and stress-free, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you dodge the queues and avoid the crowds. The Shaftesbury Hotel London is in the heart of the city but these top tips will make sure you don’t get caught up in the hustle.

Book ahead

There’s nothing worse than getting on a train to find that there are no seats available and you’ve got to stand in a cramped carriage for the entire journey. This is not an enjoyable experience, especially if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling with children. To avoid the stress and save your legs, be sure to book your tickets in advance so you can reserve a seat and avoid the risk of being late or having to stand. All major train operators in London offer an online service which allows you to easily purchase tickets and reserve your seat well in advance.


When it comes to navigating London and making the most of your city break, planning is key. If you’re heading to The Shaftesbury Hotel London, it’s a good idea to plan your trip by organizing events around rush hour times. If you’ve never been to London before it can help to get your bearings early and plan your routes ahead of time. Of course, it’s hard to enjoy your holiday if you treat it like a military operation but having a good idea of the places you need to be and the best way to get there can really help reduce stress.




London is known for its strong sense of culture and community. While it’s important to mingle and make new friends during your time in the city, sometimes it helps to escape the noise and de-stress in your own little world. Having a pair of headphones and a mobile device loaded with your favorite tunes will give you some peace from the loud crowds on the Tube trains and buses of London. It can get very stressful getting caught up in long queues and spending hours on public transport so it’s always good to have some music ready to help you pass the time and stay relaxed.



We now live in the information age so it only makes sense to utilize the gadgets and technology that we have access to. Everyone now carries a mobile device with them and there are plenty of apps available on the market which can make traversing London a lot easier. Travel apps such as Google Maps and CityApp can help you find the quickest and easiest route by updating you on traffic status and transport links.