Is it safe to travel alone in London? Yes!


London can seem daunting, particularly if you haven’t been there before purely due to its size, but it can actually be an excellent place to visit if you’re travelling solo.

Just like any big city there are basic guidelines that you should follow if you’re going to be travelling around London alone…

You should always be aware of pickpockets, particularly if you are busy tourist spots like Trafalgar Square or any of the city’s markets. It also helps to keep an eye on your things when you’re travelling on the tube as it can often be incredibly cramped, making it easy for someone to sneak something out of your pocket or bag.

It’s always a good idea to keep your money concealed too, don’t wave around wodges of cash or wear lots of expensive jewellery in areas that are unfamiliar to you.

Basic common sense will also tell you to steer clear of dark alleys at night and to read up on maps etc before you travel somewhere so you have an idea of where you are going.

Londoners can be funny creatures

Often, Londoners will tell you not to make eye contact with other people, particularly on the tube as people are busy and won’t appreciate it.

There is some truth to this, although people in general don’t tend to appreciate being stared at, but most Londoners are in a rush and don’t care for passing conversation.

Having said that, Londoners can also be exceptionally helpful if you’re lost, ask someone who isn’t tearing down the pavement for some directions and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how pleased they are to help you.

Similarly, someone might strike up a conversation with you on the train or tube, again this is likely to be someone who isn’t in a rush and is looking to pass the time on their journey just like you.

Your best bet however for directions, is to head into a nearby hotel in central london and ask the concierge.

London concierges are world famous for having exceptional knowledge of their surroundings; they should be able to tell you the easiest and quickest way to get somewhere, or recommend an excellent bar or restaurant.

London cabbies obviously have brilliant knowledge of the city, but a concierge will be able to help you for free, they will however gladly accept a tip from you for their help!

People move to London alone

One thing that can ease your disquiet about travelling to London alone is the fact that hundreds of people move to London on their own every year.

As the capital city of the UK, London’s job market is an attractive pursuit for people in almost any industry.

The reality of this career shift means that people uproot their lives and move by themselves to this city. If only for this reason it should be clear that visiting London on your own is just as safe as travelling alone to any other big city in the world.

Once you have established that London is perfectly safe for travelling alone, then you’ll see that there are also lots of things for you to see and do on your own.

Things to do alone in London

You’re never short of things to do in London and one of the first and perhaps surprising luxuries of travelling alone in this city is going for a drink or meal by yourself.

As mentioned earlier, Londoners can be quite solitary creatures and those who live in the city often eat or go for a drink by themselves – it’s common practice. As such, there are lots of bars and restaurants for you to choose from where you can get a good meal or drink and not feel like you need extra company to enjoy it.

Try The Carpenter’s Arms, just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch, this pub is the perfect place to get away from Sunday crowds and arm yourself with a paper and a quiet pint.

One of the top recommended things to do if you’re travelling alone in London is to go on a walking tour. These tours are not only full of information but they also tend to be frequented by other people travelling alone, so you can enjoy a sense of solitary-camaraderie.

Walking tours are also an excellent way to enjoy London’s scenery that you won’t get to see on a bus or in a taxi. There are various types of walking tour and a particularly popular one is the Muggle Tour, which takes you around Harry Potter’s London.

If you’re looking for a place to be surrounded by hustle and bustle, then take yourself off to one of London’s markets where you can chat and haggle with¬†friendly merchants. For food it has to be Borough Market, but for something different try Columbia Road Flower Market or Southbank Book Market for a good old browse.