Keeping Up to Date with The New Football Season in London


London has no less than 13 professional football teams playing within its boundaries—unlucky for some, but not for you. You can combine staying in a fantastic hotel in London with touring the unbelievable Wembley Stadium and other important venues for the ultimate football mad fan.



Turn a visit to footballing Mecca into a special trip by booking your stay at the Park Grand Paddington Court London. Wembley is the holy grail of football and you can experience it as if you were a famous player yourself. Walk through the Player’s Tunnel, imagining yourself stepping out for the FA Cup final, hear incredible and almost unbelievable behind-the-scenes stories from your guide, and pay homage to the “cathedral of football”, as Pelé called it.

The Freemasons Arms

After your trip to one of the most important places for football in the world, you might be feeling a little thirsty. Take advantage of the money you saved when you booked budget hotels in London and take a trip to The Freemasons Arms for a pint or two. You’ll be following in the footsteps of your football heroes, who got together here one night to discuss the idea they had, that maybe Britain should have a football league so that they could work out which team was best.

That talk turned into the Football Association.

The pub is proud of its heritage and has football memorabilia decorating its walls, as well as a big screen to watch the game on.

Chelsea museum

Chelsea Football Club has a new high-tech museum, which includes a look at 100 years of footballing history. Kids who are here won’t be bored, because the exhibitions are user-friendly, fun, and interactive—perfect for those who are football fans. For true Chelsea fans, a visit to the museum can be combined with a tour of Chelsea’s home ground. If you’re feeling fancy, having booked Park Grand Paddington Court London already, why not spring for a tour with an ex-player?

Find a fixture

London has no shortage of football during the season. Choose from any one of the Premier League teams who frequent London’s clubs, which include Chelsea, the current winners, Arsenal, one of the most successful teams in the country, Tottenham Hotspur, who haven’t won a trophy since 2008, West Ham, who have some of the most dedicated fans in the business, and Crystal Palace, who have not won a trophy in an even longer time than Tottenham.

There’s so much to see and choose from, and seeing a match in London is nothing like watching it on TV. If you’re not a dedicated fan of any of the teams, just pick a team to feel the buzz of a live match. Make sure to sit with your friends, and then you can get swept up in the emotion that only a real live game of football can provide.