Leisure Time London – How to Spends your Days in London

relaxing in summer london

The city can be hard work. With manic meetings and busy transport routes, a trip to London might be productive but it can certainly be stressful. With people living in the city trying to make ends meet and visitors usually “looking” for something, the pressure to tick the boxes you’ve come with is sometimes overwhelming.

However, guests at London hotel family rooms out of all people will know how beneficial some downtime can be. Whatever the reason for your visit and whoever you’re visiting with, you simply must make time for your own wellness. Whether that be a serene walk in the park or an hour out spent with your loved ones, there are plenty of ways to relax whilst staying in London. We’ve compiled just a few of them so that you can enjoy some downtime, so you can relax with family, friends or simply by yourself.

Most relaxing London Hotels

London’s hotel scene is more than enough to give you some much-needed r&r. Whether your London holiday package allows you a week or a night in London, you’ll undoubtedly come away from your trip feeling well-rested and far more relaxed. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Grand Royale

The Grand Royale Hotel London is a unique five-star hotel located right on the edges of Hyde Park. With its serene setting and beautiful interiors, the Grand Royale promises versatile and quiet rooms, comfortable bedding to suit any needs and a wide range of amenities to make your London trip as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re visiting for work or for holiday, the Grand Royale will always provide you with a relaxing oasis of calm when returning from the city.

Afternoon Tea

An energising and revitalising way to spend your afternoon is over a lovely afternoon tea. With deals available at hotels in the Shaftesbury London group, you’ll be amazed at the variety on offer. From champagne afternoon teas for those London celebrations to the indulgent chocolate afternoon tea, you’ll be faced with a variety of scones, cakes, biscuits and sandwiches along with refreshing and quintessentially English varieties of tea.

Restaurants and bars

Alongside the afternoon tea deals available at the Grand Royale, you’ll find a range of high-quality continental and full English breakfast menus to kick start your day, as well as restaurant menus to help you wind down. At Grand Royale affiliated restaurants such as the Aviary, you’ll be able to enjoy fine British cuisine from locally sourced ingredients, as well as pub grub style food for accessible and comforting home cooking.

Spa day

If it’s pampering you’re after, then the spa days available at the Beauty and Melody Spa are the perfect antidote to the wear and tear of London. Whether you want a facial or a Swedish hot stone massage, the range of treatments available will definitely untie those knots of stress and cleanse your woes away.

Lidos of London

London’s variety of lidos are great excuses to get outside, stay active and see the city from a new perspective. Not only are the lidos a bracingly healthy way to spend your stay in London, but they can also help you explore new areas of London that you might not otherwise see. The reason for this is that many of the best London lidos are located in less visited areas of the city, and so are less frequented by tourists.

Hampstead Heath Ponds

Hampstead Heath Ponds are located in the Hampstead Heath area. These historic woodlands hold many iconic touristic must sees, including the astounding Parliament Hill from which you can find a beautiful view of the London skyline. Whilst the views are very relaxing to soak in and the picnic spots are a dime a dozen, one of the best-kept secrets of Hampstead Heath are the Hampstead Heath Ponds. These three bathing ponds are split between two single-gender ponds and one mixed pond, giving freshwater bathing areas where everybody will feel comfortable.

Serpentine Lido

The Serpentine Lido is located in Hyde Park’s Serpentine River and provides one of the most central freshwater swimming areas in the city. Cut off from the pedalo and swan heavy part of the river, this freshwater lido provides ample space for swimming and viewing the serene landscape of Hyde Park. Easy to reach from the Hyde Park Hotel, the Serpentine Lido is always an afternoon well spent.

Best parks for relaxing

Alongside the beautiful lidos they hold, the parks of London can also offer some respite from the city’s busyness. Below are just a selection of the parklands that could offer you stunning views and a breath of much needed fresh air.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most visited parks in London. In part because of its tremendous history, the park is also frequented due to its central location. This then might mean that you’re faced with crowds of people, but with the huge amount of space available within Hyde Park, you’ll no doubt find a lovely nook or cranny or indeed a beautiful sculpture, fountain or memorial to sit and relax beside.

Richmond Park

Like with Hyde Park, Richmond Park proves that big really does mean better when it comes to open green spaces. Because it’s a little further outside of the city centre, this 2500 acre park can feel all your own and gives magnificent views over the River Thames. With herds of deer and lots of space, the beautiful scrubland and woodland could be one of the best spots for some peace and quiet or simply to stretch your legs in.

One such spot that lends itself well to some downtime is the Isabella Plantation. Based in the depths of Richmond Park, this boggy reserve is home to over 50 species of rhododendron and many other plants collected and planted during the 1920s’. With its streams and wooden bridges, the beautiful slice of Richmond Park makes for a beautiful and peaceful area of Richmond Park to gather your thoughts and enjoy the natural sounds of birds and rivers.