London tips: The British Museum with kids

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When you’re going on holiday to London, you might not necessarily be travelling alone, or even with a bunch of grown ups. Although it’s a very busy city, the Big Smoke is actually a brilliant place to bring your children, as there are so many different activities and places to go that will capture their attention and imagination.

However, there’s no denying that children can be difficult to keep track on, no matter where you go on holiday and, as we mentioned, London is a busy and sprawling place.

Some of the attractions and particularly the museums, such as The British Museum, can be confusing too, even when you’re an adult! With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some tips for you to keep everyone in the family on track when you’re having a look around this brilliant attraction.

What’s in the museum?

Before we start off with our hints, we thought it would be helpful to first outline a little bit about what you can actually find in this must-see attraction of London.

First of all, it’s a free entry museum, making it a great way to have fun on a budget in the city, but this doesn’t diminish the collection of pieces. The museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture and you’ll find it in the Bloomsbury area of London. Its permanent collection houses around eight million works. In fact, this is the largest and most comprehensive collection of antiquities in existence and there are pieces from all around the world, showcasing the story of different human culture, from their beginnings up to the current day.

How long to spend in The British Museum

Although there are so many things for you to see in the museum and it’s a shame to miss anything, our best advice to you is to limit your time there between one to two hours. This is a good idea mostly for your children, to prevent them from getting too tired while they’re walking around the collection.

It also makes sense for you to go online and have a look at the different collections before you go, to find out which areas of the museum will be most interesting for your children. Again, this will help you save time later and will also ensure that they don’t get bored traipsing around parts they don’t want to see.

Some suggestions

Some recommendations of pieces and collections we think your children would like include the Nereid Monument (Xanthos Tomb), which is a tomb built by the Persian ruler Arbinas in the early 4th century BC.

The Aphrodite, or Venus, sculpture is a great piece for everyone to enjoy, as even young children may be aware of the Greek goddess. Even if they aren’t they’re sure to appreciate the beauty of the piece and how lifelike the sculpture is.

The Easter Island Moai is another great piece for you to visit when you’re at the museum too, particularly if you give the sculpture some context by explaining how they carved and transported the materials without any modern day technology.

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