London’s best free attractions


There’s no denying that London is an expensive city to frequent and although you are here for a holiday, there’s no harm in protecting your wallet a little bit during your stay.

Indeed, among the fine restaurants, fabulous theatres and all manner of other costly attractions, there are plenty amazing free things going on in London as well.

Why not try and fit one of the following into your itinerary? What you save you can put towards your next trip!

The British Museum

What better way to fill your time in London by learning about the past? The British Museum is filled with intriguing displays that range from the lives of the Native Americans to the burial traditions of the Egyptian Pharaohs – you can even see one in the flesh, or what’s left of it anyway.


Life, death and everything in between is on show at the British Museum and there’s guaranteed to be something that appeals to people of all ages. Great for families with kids, thrifty couples or anyone with an interest in history.

Highlights include Lindow Man, the Lewis Chessmen, the Rosetta Stone and the Sutton Hoo ship burial.

The Tate Modern

Although from the outside the Tate Modern looks somewhat foreboding and grim, within you will find one of the finest collections of contemporary art in the UK.

Actually, the gallery is based within the remains of the Bankside Power Station, which may explain its industrial appearance. It’s now been in for over ten years and is certainly one of the biggest free attractions in the city.

Free Attraction London

A modern new wing is currently under development but you can still see what this magnificent gallery has to offer. A particular highlight lies within the old Turbine Hall which houses a new giant sculpture every six months.

The National Portrait Gallery

Another fantastic example of free art in London, the National Portrait Gallery is home to some of the most iconic faces in history. Here, you can see a mixture of new and old with the likes of the impressive Tudor collection nicely contrasted by the celebrity portraits on the ground floor.

Once you have had your fill of art, take a short stroll down the road to one of London’s most iconic places, Trafalgar Square. Get a selfie with Nelson or one of his four lions for the reasonable price of absolutely free.

national portrait gallery london

You will also find the National Gallery here which is another great place to visit for gratis. One of the most impressive paintings here is Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and there is also a great display based on the works of the Impressionists.

These three attractions are basically on top of one another so it is very easy to take in all three in a matter of hours.

Somerset House

To look at, Somerset House is simply gorgeous. This wonderful Georgian building has an incredible courtyard, free galleries and some of the best views of the River Thames in the city.

somerset house london

In the summer, you’ll get to see the fountains in action as they spurt jets of water playfully about. During the winter, the centre of the courtyard makes way for an ice rink. Various installations come and go throughout the year at Somerset House but you will be charged entrance fees for these.

Get off the tube at Embankment and walk along the bank of the UK’s longest waterway at sunset and combine one free activity with another.

A walk in the park

London may well be the largest city in the UK but it is also home to a number of incredible green areas that in themselves make for great day out. The pick of the lot has to be Hyde Park, which is located bang in the middle of Mayfair, Kensington and Paddington.

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See Hyde Park