London’s Favourite Breweries

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London has always been a popular spot for breweries, and as the craft beer scene continues to grow, more and more venues are springing up in the nation’s capital. Many of the most popular breweries in the city are open to the public for tours and other special events. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the London breweries to watch right now…

Brixton Brewery



Located in (you guessed it!) Brixton, the Brixton Brewery is family-run, with all beers created by a large extended group which includes everyone from the grandparents to the children. The brewery has a strong focus on community, which has helped elevate it above some of the city’s other offerings – with a welcoming feel sure to captivate. Open Saturdays from noon until 5pm, a trip here would liven up any visit to the city. Be sure to add it to your itinerary when you next stay with us at The Shaftesbury Hotel.

Partizan Brewery



The décor at the Partizan Brewery is reason enough to visit, with bright colours adorning each table, and special sampling selections for the brewery’s pale ales. As with some of the best London breweries, the venue is only open on Saturdays, but it’s well-worth adding to your itinerary during you next trip to the Grand Royale London Hyde Park if you’ve always wanted to know more about London’s breweries.

Canopy Beer Tap Room

Herne Hill


Situated in Herne Hill, the Canopy Beer Tap Room is a beautifully-decorated brewery which offers everything from their signature Milkwood Amber Ale, to a selection of ciders and gins sourced from the surrounding area. There’s an on-site beer garden, perfect for enjoying a beverage on sunny summer days.

Wimbledon Brewery

Colliers Wood

You might not immediately associate Wimbledon with breweries, but the Wimbledon Brewery is on a mission to help change all that! The brewery is growing an enviable reputation for excellence, and includes everything from ‘beer appreciation’ menus to a brewery tour which can be booked online at the official website.

Brew by Numbers


Using a mixture of Australian, New Zealand and Belgian brewing styles, Brew by Numbers brings a fresh new approach to beer – and its pioneering spirit can be felt in everything from the surroundings to the drinks themselves.

Bianca Road Brewing Co.


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As one of the top breweries in South London, the Bianca Road Brewing Co. is situated in a large warehouse, and is also one of the newer additions to London’s brewing scene.

The venue hosts a regular gig schedule, and provides drinking experiences each weekend – ideal for anyone eager to discover more about brewing while trying some of the delicious beers on tap. Many of the finds here are inspired by the west coast of the USA, with additional UK-centric offerings perfect for a treat while staying at The Shaftesbury.

Crate Brewery

Hackney Wick

A popular venue in Hackney, the Crate Brewery was crafted from repurposed materials, including railway sleepers, pieces of recycled beds and much more. The brewery offers a mixture of house brews and beers from around the globe. With opening dates from Thursday – Sunday, there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy a few drinks.

London Brewing Co.


A popular and well-stocked brewery in Highgate, the London Brewing Co. includes a helpful staff who are always eager to help you find the perfect ale! If you’re staying at the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington and want to discover some of the city’s best beers, then this is a great option.

Fourpure Brewery


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One of the largest breweries in London, Fourpure includes 16 taps of delicious brews and regularly runs special events. There’s a wide selection of drinks to choose from, and as the venue is only open on Saturdays, there’s also an added sense of specialness to be enjoyed while staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park. It gets pretty busy here at the weekend, but if you’re in the mood for a lively trip to an authentic London brewery, then it could be just the ticket.

Hop Stuff Brewery


Only a short distance from the brewery of the same name, visitors to London will find the Hop Stuff Brewery taproom provides much to enjoy. The venue stocks the entire range of Hop Stuff beers, as well as a carefully curated selection sourced from equally impressive local breweries.

Meantime Brewing Company

Greenwich Peninsula

The Meantime Brewing Company includes special ‘Tasting Rooms’ in the centre of the brewery, providing a fantastic place to try some of the best beers on offer while seeing how a London brewery truly works. You’ll have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions during your trip, and the brewery is open throughout the week (with extended weekend opening hours).

Wild Card Brewery


With a range of bottled beers, there are many other locally sourced beverages available at this Walthamstow brewery and bar. The venue has longer opening hours than many breweries of similar quality, and its open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for even more chances of trying out the selection.

Camden Town Brewery

Kentish Town

Open from Thursday to Saturday each week, the Camden Town Brewery provides a true glimpse at the trendier side of London’s brewing culture, with a taproom which includes not only selections from the venue itself, but also a carefully selected range from other popular venues in the city.

Bexley Brewery


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The only brewery in the local area, Bexley Brewery is a growing indie brewery on the rise, with distinctively labelled bottles which feature a parakeet. If you’re eager to explore a brewery which is is still in its infancy yet already experiencing some local popularity, then this is a great place to start.



A major microbrewery, Clarkshaws was the first to receive accreditation from the Vegetarian Society. Sharing a tap room with the London Beer Lab, the brewery is open each Saturday afternoon and provides a closer look at the true everyday workings of a London brewery.

Big Smoke Brew Co.


With a selection of vegan-friendly beers, the Big Smoke Brew Co. is one of Surbiton’s highlights, and includes plenty of space to enjoy your drink in comfy surroundings.