Most insightful activities for students in London

Student activity in London

London is a fountain of knowledge that travelers and scholars from around the world have drawn from for centuries. Home to some of the most prestigious scientific and cultural institutions on the planet, London is a hotspot for students from every corner of academia.

If you’re planning your gap year or you’re organizing a weekend in the capital, choose the right London holiday package to make the most of your time. The Shaftesbury Hotel collection is located close to some of the most exciting and enlightening place in London. Here are some of the places that are definitely worth adding to your student bucket list.

Science Museum

Exhibition Road, London

science museum london

Whether you have a strong interest in science or not, the amazing exhibits at the weird and wonderful Science Museum are not to be missed. Take a trip through time as you learn about the history of the medical industry and browse the huge collection of antique equipment and medical technology. Stand on the cutting-edge of technology as you browse the robot exhibit and discover how technology has advanced over the last few decades. Be sure to take advantage of our London holiday package so you can experience the magic of the famous Science Museum.

Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London

natural history museum london

There’s no better place in the world to learn about the history of the planet and the origins of humanity than the Natural History Museum in London. The world-famous scientific institute is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations and offers students and scholars a chance to widen their scope and increase their knowledge while having fun and getting some great pictures at the same time. Travel through history, walk with dinosaurs, uncover hidden treasures and explore the depths of the earth in an afternoon stroll through the halls of the Natural History Museum.

Charles Dickens Museum

Doughty Street, London

Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens is one of the most revered and respected writers of all time and now you can get closer to his work and delve into his past by taking a trip to this historic museum. Formally the residence of the acclaimed writer, 48 Doughty Street has been transformed into a trove of literary treasure. Explore the workstation that was once used by one of the greatest penmen in history. Discover the unknown facts about Dickens’ life, where his inspirations came from and how he scripted some of the greatest literary works in history. This is a must-see for literature students.

The British Library

Euston Road, London

British Library

If you’re searching for knowledge, there’s no better place to find it than The British Museum. With over 150 million items including books, journals, photos, and video clips, the library is an oasis of information. Browse the vast, beautiful halls and browse the huge collection of books to find something that sparks your imagination. Whether you’re looking for fantasy novels or scientific papers, you’ll find every kind of literature at The British Library.