Music Stores to Check Out in Paddington


London has been the birthplace of some the most famous and renowned musicians in the world for decades. Legends such as David Bowie and Amy Winehouse were born in the heart of our capital, and modern superstars such as Adele continue to call London their home.

As well as being a national hotspot for nurturing musical talent, London is also a brilliant place to buy the albums of the stars who’ve enthralled millions with show-stopping performances over the years. Our capital city is jam-packed full of music stores where you can bolster your vintage vinyl collection, pick out the latest CDs for your car stereo or find the perfect poster of your music idol to decorate your bedroom wall.

You’d have to be staying at your room in the Shaftesbury Paddington for a very long time to visit them all, which is why we’ve picked out the best music stores in London that won’t take you too far away from our hotels in Paddington London.

Honest John’s Records

278 Portobello Road

If you’re a true lover of vinyls then Honest John’s Records should be the first stop on your list when you walk out the door of the Shaftesbury Paddington.

Located on Portobello Road, this truly old-school music store has a vast vinyl collection to browse through with a huge range of different genres including blues, dance and reggae, as well as a considerable array of international music.

The staff here are extremely knowledgeable and will more than likely be able to point you in the right direction if you’re searching for a specific album or song from the past that you won’t find in some of the bigger chain music stores.

Music & Video Exchange

38 Notting Hill Gate

As you may have guessed by the name, Music & Video Exchange is a music store with a difference. Thousands of people visit here every year to trade in their CDs and vinyls, as well as to simply meet like-minded music lovers. This music store buys and sells a huge range of pre-owned items, meaning that any trip to Music & Video Exchange will never be the same. The trade-in aspect of this store makes it a great place to buy the very latest modern music as well as records from the past, and you can also pick up some edgy retro clothing and a variety of comic books.

Sounds of the Universe

7 Broadwick Street, Soho

Woe betide vinyl lovers who miss out on a stop at Sounds of the Universe in Soho. Legend has it that The Rolling Stones held their very first rehearsals here in 1962, since which this former pub was renovated to become one of the best spots in London for vinyl lovers. The store takes regular shipments from all over the world, with deliveries from America, Jamaica, Japan, Brazil and Europe ensuring a wide mixture of sounds to suit all ears. You’ll find classic genres including reggae and disco standing side-by-side with modern favourites such as dubstep, and there’s also a great collection of books and DVDs to compliment the multitude of music.