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London is a city full of new experiences. Every street you walk down is a potential new memory, and whilst London is a city full of fears of missing out, it is a collective feeling of FOMO which manifests itself in everyone from locals to guests at Park Grand London Paddington Hotel. That’s the problem, there’s simply too much to see and the list will keep getting bigger as the city grows and thrives ever further.

So, what is the best bet for newbies to Londoners. Whether you’re staying at budget hotels in London or 5-star luxury, everyone wants to get a good first taste of London.

Shop at Camden Market

Camden market is known for being one of the most iconic market parts of the city. With its incredible range of market stalls, get a taste of the historic Camden area of North London by perusing the narrow alleys and diverse stalls of Camden Market. Whether you’re after vintage clothes or exotic trinkets, Camden Market brings street food, vibrancy and character to the Camden area. With Camden’s great range of bars and restaurants alongside a buzzing nightlife, the market needn’t be the only place you visit.

Double-Decker Bus Tour

Double-Decker Bus Tour

The Double Decker Bus tours are the definitive way to see London. With guided tours on the open top double decker, you’ll be able to glide through the streets of the city centre seeing some of the city sights alongside an insight into their history. Not only is this a great way to see the sites in one large dose, but also orientate yourself around London so that you have a good idea of how to confidently navigate the area. This is a must for first time visitors who want something to introduce them to the city in true London style.

London Eye

London eye

Another great way to experience the wonder of the South Bank is on the London Eye. This iconic wheel is located near to Waterloo Station, the BFI Southbank, the Riyal Festival Hall and National Theatre, giving you plenty to indulge the cultural side of your London trip. The London Eye is made of 32 air-conditioned capsules and give you a chance to make a half hour trip up and down the 135-metre wheel. Make sure you get there early however; the queues can get rather long at peak tourist hours.

The Tower of London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most well-known London landmarks regarding history. Experiencing the tower of London will take you on a journey through the middle ages, through tales of deceit, murder and even an ancient zoo. With the Tower of London acting as a fortress against London attackers in the middle ages, the tower still acts as a symbol of London’s strength and millennia of history. If there is one relic and monument to visit which will give you an understanding of how London was made and changed hands from monarchy to monarchy, then the tower of London is the place to visit.