Shop til you drop this winter in London


From this weekend, Londoners will be jumping with glee as we will all be seeing the return of Greenwich Market; always a staple for a fantastic shopping experience in the capital city.

Running until December 31st, you will be able to enjoy stalls here selling anything from arts and crafts to food, clothes and leather bags. Whether it be fancy T-shirts or snazzy wallets, you are sure to strike a bargain here – and if shopping is not really your thing, you can still appreciate the covered arcade that is sure to entice and delight.

Furthermore, if you start feeling a tad peckish, you can always munch some meals at one of the many eateries here, selling cuisines from all over the world. Munch on some sushi. Grab yourself a kebab. Try some pad thai. Your options are limitless.

The market runs every week between Tuesday and Sunday, but note that if you are hunting for antiques, collectible dealers tend to appear on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. These days are the perfect opportunity to purchase an item you probably won’t see anywhere else, whether it be ceramics from the 1950s, old lamps, ancient books or vintage clothes.

If you still have not sorted your fashion fix by then, you may want to head to Oxford Street, where you will encounter most high-street brands. For a more personalised approach, either try out the independent boutiques of Camden and Soho, or if your budget will stretch that far, Harrod’s and Liberty’s are always the places to go for high-end trends and big fashion names.

Regardless of where you go to spend your dinero, be sure to book yourself into a lovely hotel in London so you can make a real weekend trip of it.