Shout ‘Timber!’ this Christmas in London


For a truly unique festive period this year, you may want to consider this bizarre and wacky new circus in the capital city.

Making its debut in the UK, Timber! takes the woodland traditions of Quebec and completely turns them on their head. Taking all the items that you would find in a lumberjack barn, these performers will get involved in a wide array of stunts and mischief, whether it is balancing on tree stumps, tightrope walking on a thin length of wood, or a large-scale food fight where potatoes are sliced mid-air, this is fun for the whole family.

And let’s not forget the death-defying feats, such as the act involving two-handed saws that are initially used to cut a trunk in half, before one of the performers is transformed into a human rotating blade. Watch them weave through the saws with utmost precision – true edge of the seat stuff!

Timber! is part of Cirque Alfonse, which was founded by Antoine Carabinier-Lépine and his sister Julie – the show even features Julie’s two-year-old son Arthur, their 66-year-old father Alain Carabinier and some childhood friends! There are also clowns, aerial displays and French folk songs played on banjos, all of which culminates with a stunning finale that will leave your jaw firmly dropped. And if all of that doesn’t appeal, who wouldn’t  want to see two hours of white vests and bushy beards?

The show will be on at the Queen Elizabeth Hall from December 21st to 31st. If you need a place to crash, consider the affordable and comfortable Shaftesbury hotels – it may just be the solution you need if you want to explore some of the trendy bars that the West End has to offer after the show.

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