Special Exhibitions Coming To The British Museum This Autumn/Winter


If you are a culture vulture, you have made a great choice with your selection of London as your next city break destination. With its long, rich history and melting pot of masters across disciplines such as art, history, fashion and architecture, London is a history buff’s dream. The city is home to many world class museums and awesome displays of some of the planet’s man-made treasures, with each museum curating collections that can’t be seen in any other city in the world.

From The Science Museum to The Natural History Museum, no visitor to London will be short of things to see and do. One of the most famous museums is The British Museum and it’s endlessly popular with visitors and guests alike for good reason. The British Museum has a stunning collection of art and artefacts from around the world and it’s well worth checking out if you’re in London.

These special exhibitions will be on display this autumn and winter and are the perfect activity if you’re looking for an indoor attraction for the chillier fall days or rainy winter morning during your forthcoming stay at the Shaftesbury Hotel Hyde Park.

Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia
14th September 2017 – 14th January 2018

The Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia explores the story of the Scythians, a nomadic tribe who lived between 900 and 200 BC. It focuses on their mounted warfare, encounters with the Greeks, Assyrians and Persians and a lot of forgotten history. Visitors can explore the Scythians’ lost world, including the sophistication and mystery that has surrounded them for many years. The exhibition includes a wide collection of objects, all of which are on loan from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. If this exhibition interests you, you’ll be pleased to know that The British Museum is in a central location and easy to get to from the Shaftesbury Hotel Hyde Park.

Desire, Love, Identity: Exploring LGBTQ Histories
11th May 2017 – 15th October 2017

This exhibition offers attendees an insight into the history of LGBTQ and the experiences and lives of those who identify as such; it examines objects from around the world and looks at civilisations from the ancient times until the present day. It delves into key figures throughout history who had an impact on the LGBTQ community and looks at the way the community is portrayed today, focusing particularly on those who have been underrepresented. From Hadrian and Antinous to Japanese drag queens, this exhibition covers a wide range of topics.

Living Histories: Recent Acquisitions of Works on Paper by Contemporary Arab Artists
5th June 2017 – 22nd October 2017

The Living Histories exhibition showcases a range of recent acquisitions, including posters, photographs, books and drawings; many of which are from Syrian artists who produced the works in recent civil war times. Those who attend the exhibition will have the unique opportunity to view the work of contemporary Arab artists in a way that differs from the view they may see through the media. Plus, it’s easily enjoyed if you are travelling from the Hyde Park boutique hotel London.

In addition to these special exhibitions, the British Museum also has a number of other worthwhile collections on show through the year.