Spend a night with Texas at the London Palladium


It is a bit crazy to think that Scottish band Texas have been going for nearly 30 years, but they are ready to put all their experience into one fantastic show at the London Palladium.

Texas were originally formed back in 1986 in the small town of Bearsden near Glasgow. Taking their name from the 1984 film Paris, Texas, the band brought Sharleen Spiteri to the forefront and they were never the same again. Their debut album Southside, along with their hit sing I Don’t Want A Lover, was a roaring success across the world, before they followed up with Mothers Heaven, Ricks Road and White On Blonde; the last of which was one of the best selling albums of 1996.

Add to this several number-one albums, hugely successful tours and Sharlene’s solo career in 2008, and what you have is one of the biggest bands Scotland has created. It has been a long time since Texas have performed to such a large crowd together, so this show is sure to be fantastic. Fans can expect all the classic tunes and even some new material. Adult tickets start from £25, but final prices will vary depending on where you would like to stand or sit.

Texas will be playing the London Palladium, which is located in Soho, on May 2nd 2015, but be sure to act quickly as tickets are expected to be in hot demand. Make sure you book a room at the affordable and comfortable Shaftesbury hotels (which can be accessed via London’s underground network), especially if you are looking to go out after the gig and party away at one of the city’s best hipster bars in either Central or Shoreditch.