Still time to enjoy new museum’s debut show

Art exhibition in london

The David Roberts Art Foundation has moved from its temporary home in Fitzrovia to a permanent location in the heart of Camden.

Located just off Camden High Street, the gallery is showing its first exhibition entitled A House of Leaves until the end of the month, so there are just a few weeks left for visitors staying in central London hotels to enjoy the unique event.

All of the pieces in the show, apart from one, come from private collections and the display are being constantly changed and rehung.

Highlights include a large 3D map of London, created from burnt lumps of wood with a pool of molten lead in place of the River Thames. The piece has been created by US artist Matthew Day Jackson and aims to present a post-nuclear image of the capital.

There is also a leather glove fashioned into a collage by Man Ray in 1967 and a sweater cast of a bronze sculpture by Louise Bourgeois to highlight how to turn mundane objects in to great talking pieces.

Visitors are also being challenged to find the hidden art at the new David Roberts Art Foundation. The building has been created with special spaces for installations that will slowly be revealed over the course of the year. People can already try to spot the hidden high-heeled shoe, the golden nail or the artists’ rubbish bin peephole.

A review of the new gallery by Time Out explained: “Such high concept art may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s nothing wrong with a spot of mental ping-pong.”