Still Water London

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Still Water is a bronze sculpture, depicting a horse’s head as it bends down to drink water from a lake or river. The 33 feet high piece was created in 2011 by Nic Fiddian-Green and you can find it in Marble Arch in Westminster, London.

The statue was commissioned to replace an earlier and similar piece, entitled ‘Horse at Water’ with the intention that Still Water would be larger and create more of a statement to the area.

As the piece is outdoors, you can visit it anytime of day and throughout the year but it’s particularly nice to go and visit it during the summer months. If you’re going to go and take a look in the colder months, make sure you wrap up and bring along something hot to drink.

For many, Still Water is among their favourite pieces of outdoor art in the city, particularly for those who live in London because the area is generally very aesthetically pleasing and also very quiet and tranquil.

Things to see and do in the area

As with all other areas in London, there are lots of things to see and do if you want to make an entire day’s activities out of visiting this spectacular sculpture.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something fun to do near here whether you’re into cars, history, art or shopping. For those of you who consider yourselves thrill seekers, we recommend the GT Rush, which is one of London’s great driving experiences.

To take part in this you’ll need to book time with a guide who will take you around central London in amazing cars like Maseratis and Lamborghinis, which are certainly an interesting way to tour the city.

If you fancy some retail therapy, Selfridges – which is one of London’s greatest and oldest department stores – is just a few minutes’ walk from Marble Arch. If, however, you would prefer to remain outside, you can always take a walk to Hyde Park and stop to listen to the open public forum that is Speaker’s Corner.

Attractions near Still Water

    • Hyde Park
  • Speaker’s Corner
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • The Wallace Collection
  • Bond Street
  • Baker Street

How to reach Still Water

If you are looking for a hotel that is reasonable for any budget and close to attractions like the Still Water statue, we recommend you look no further than The Shaftesbury Collection’s Park Grand Paddington Court London Jotel.

The statue is just a 21-minute walk to the hotel, if you take the Bayswater Road side route along the outside of Hyde Park. If you prefer, you can take a bus from Lancaster Gate Station (Stop LK) to Marble Arch (Stop K), which will take just 12 minutes. If it’s available to you, the quickest option is driving, which takes just eight minutes but we would recommend you stick with either of the first two options, as traffic can be unpredictable in the city.

Parking near Still Water

    • Q Park Marble Arch
  • Just Park (pre-book service)

There are several of these Just Park spots near to the statue, each only a few minutes walk and we would advise that you pay ahead of time to save yourself time trying to find a spot before you arrive.

For more information on Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel, contact The Shaftesbury now.