Teens encouraged to visit Bay Sixty6 skatepark


Families look for exciting activities for their teenagers during their stay in a London hotel would be wise to consider visiting the Bay Sixty6 skateboard and BMX park in Ladbroke Grove.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own equipment and take part in skateboarding with local and international youths.


“A lot of people come from all over the country to Bay Sixty6, so it is very popular… The skate scene in London is very big and its getting bigger. A lot of younger kids are getting into it,” says skater William Boden.

The venue hosts morning beginners’ sessions on the weekend for those taking their first wobbly steps out onto the ramps.

According to resident skaters, the top tip offered to newcomers is learning how to stand on the board with stable foot positioning.

While weekends are reserved for budding skateboarders, the weekdays are for those already familiar with the extreme sport.

Mr Boden added: “If you come during the week it would help if you have a little bit of knowledge about skating… there’s a lot of advanced skaters flying around.”

The site has been sponsored by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console division and as such features competitions and events.

Spike Undiscovered will be taking place at the park as part of a competition taking place across nine UK regions in the hopes of discovering any future Tony Hawks out there.

The cost of a five-hour session alternates between £6 and £7 depending on the time of day, while beginners’ sessions cost just £3.

Staff members are on hand to offer tips and to make sure that all skaters are wearing proper protection.

“It’s easy to hurt yourself at a skatepark,” explained the group. “The more protection you wear the less likely you will be hurt when you fall over. And we all fall over.”