London has two sides to the capital coin. There’s the day to day, the warm sunlight and the inviting department store side, the tourist hot spot side. This side sees the crowds spread like butter across high streets and the South Bank. Once the sun sets, the crowds disperse, and a new side coalesces with the shadows. This is the London night life, the spread crowds become clumped, pockets of life around glittering signs and thumping music trickling through lost doorways. The London nightlife is made up of 337 nightclubs and over 2000 bars, the nightlife scene spreading throughout the city, but only ever noticed once the sun sets. Whether you’re staying at budget hotels in London or living the high life in the lap of luxury, you’ll probably be curious about the cities nocturnal wandering potential. Below are some of the most popular and memorable areas in the city for nightlife.


For those staying at the London Piccadilly Hotels, you’re ticket to night life is only a stone’s throw away. With Soho and the West End hosting some of the most popular clubs in the city, you’ll find high end and low-key bars and clubs spread across the West End. Whether it’s the buzzing bars of Soho or the 100 Club on Oxford Street, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the heart of the city.


Based in the North of London and nestled between Regents Park and the Paddington Basin canal system, the Camden pub scene is extensive. The iconic strand of pubs up the high street promises laughs and jollity, whilst many of the bars offer up live music, such as the Blues Kitchen. For some of the best club nights, spreading across a range of genres, the Roundhouse is extremely popular for all tastes.


The East End heart of tech city, Shoreditch offers up a range of eclectic clubs and bars which attract all walks of life. Whether it’s an international music act at the Village Underground or an XOYO all nightery, you’re never short of a few surprises in Shoreditch.


With a history of roots and reggae, the Brixton area of South East London is easily reachable via the Victoria Line underground, which handily runs 24 hours on a weekend. Here you can find great music at the Hootananny Brixton, Brixton Jamm, and alternative live music at the Windmill.


One of the go-to areas for the young and hip of London, Hackney is surprisingly laid back and welcoming. Whether you find yourself in the warehouse clad canal systems of Hackney Wick or you’re visiting Mare Streets Moth Club and Oslo, your never far from high voltage nightlife in the North East.


If Hackney isn’t floating your boat, take a short trip up the road to Dalston, home of some of the most unique clubs in the city. From live bands to electronic, you’ll find a wide range of venues in Dalston, whether it’s the queer friendly Vogue Fabric or the party lighting Birthdays.