The great Ming Dynasty set to rule the British Museum


While summer has only just begun, it may be the perfect time to consider how you are going to keep the family busy this coming autumn and winter period. And if the British weather is as unpredictable as it always is, it may be worth keeping the kids indoors.

The British Museum is always a firm favourite in London, actually being the most visited attraction in the UK in 2013, and this autumn it is set to be no different, with it hosting what is sure to be a fantastic exhibition on the Ming Dynasty.

Looking at a 50-year period from 1400 to 1450, the exhibit examines what was a golden age in China’s interesting history. Being one of the first exhibitions of its kind, the display will be showcasing items from ten different Chinese institutions and 21 international lenders, while in-house research will offer comprehensive information about these rare artefacts.

The Ming Dynasty was such a crucial time for China, as it wasn’t only when the country became a global superpower, but it was also when a wide array of political changes occurred in the region, expanding trade across the Middle East and Africa, and exploration becoming the agenda of the day. During this specific period, four emperors ruled, and visitors will be able to see the sword of the Yongle emperor, the handwriting of the Hongxi emperor and the paintings of the Xuande emperor, among many other artefacts.

The Ming Exhibition will be running at the British Museum from September 18th to January 5th 2015, from 10am to 5.30pm – tickets cost £16 for adults, £13 for concessions, and under 16s get to go in for free. You may want to consider the nearby Shaftesbury hotels when choosing your accommoation.