The London Pass offers ‘great value for money’


The London Pass offers a fantastic and cheap way for visitors to the capital to get around and enjoy some of the city's biggest and best days out, says a spokeswoman for the company.

Through a one-off, up-front payment, users can gain access to 55 famous attractions such as the Tower of London and London Zoo, with tours of Lord's cricket ground and Wembley Stadium also available for sports enthusiasts.

Those who are visiting the capital and working on a tight budget could be tempted to use the Pass as a means to remove the hassle of paying for individual tickets at different venues when moving around the city, while it also enables them to jump queues at some of the busier and more popular hotspots.

Places that are covered by the Pass ticket include something for everyone, with family friendly activities as well as ones more suited for older audiences available.

Central London hotels are often used as a base by visitors to the capital, and the range of options that are on offer through the scheme could appeal to all manner of people.

Understandably, the idea is that the Pass enables those who purchase one to save as much money as possible when visiting multiple attractions, and this starts happening after people have been to three different locations covered by the package.

In this sense, those who take advantage of the London Pass have a great opportunity to travel around the capital without worrying about how much the next place on their checklist is going to cost, as they will have already covered this when buying their ticket.

"One low upfront price covers entry to a choice of over 55 top attractions, and the more you see, the more you save," said the spokeswoman.

With London boasting such a significant range of attractions that appeal to people of all ages, the Pass represents great value for money and a good way to take in some of the world's most famous sights.