The new galleries at the V&A are about to open!


2015 will be a special year for the Victoria & Albert Museum, particularly because a series of new galleries will finally be opened to the public.

Rising from the ashes of 1970s interiors, the 350 sq m space will be brought back into public use – we are talking uncovering windows that have been in the dark for decades, introducing lighting to the area and restoring the original parquet flooring.

So what will actually be present here? Well, from early 2015, visitors will be able to enjoy fantastic textiles, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metalwork, prints and furniture. The main themes centered around here will be empires, religion, travel and trade, science and the natural world, manufacturing, leisure, fashion and social etiquette. Basically, everything that the Victoria & Albert is so famed for will be concentrated in these new exhibits.

The new galleries are part of the museum’s FuturePlan, which looks to update visitor facilities and redisplay collections, using some of the best designers and architects in the world – in this case, firm ZMMA have done a brilliant job with these new galleries, while investment has come from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

In conjunction with this, the museum will also be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Nehru Gallery of Indian Art, so India Season will have a comprehensive programme of events, seminars and workshops – check the official website for more information.

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